..The Newcomer Poem by Jazlle D. H. **contentment is the key to happiness

..The Newcomer

Rating: 4.9

I opened the door. I stood and looked around
everything was different, the place was new,
the atmosphere, the scent, the people, the sound
seemed in every corner were unfamiliar view.

I entered the zippy room, the noise became low;
seventy stunned eyes looked at me steadily.
Their eyebrows arched like a shimmering rainbow
hundreds of questions raced in their brain 'bout me.

The shattering noise of boys and girls exploded
crumpled and paper plane flew everywhere.
Chatting here, singing there, banging on the wood,
teasing, laughing the campus could almost hear.

And there I was staring with my new classmates
I held my bag tight and bit my lips so hard
It seemed to turn to water my shaky knees
My eyes were ready to cry without a guard.

Then from the middle of the room two teens called
'Hello, come and sit. We are also new here.'
I walked silently, they smiled and my fear died
my lips smiled and our friendship began right there.

24th August 2007

for my high school friends Ara and Mary Lynn and the Sweet Valley Girls on our 13th Anniversary of friendship

Ted M 28 June 2009

It feels great when U R in that position, and a great friendship develops. Nicely written Hugo, a thing which happens to most of the people.

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a beautiful poem for beautiful friendship, with a beautiful touching description...

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What a welcome that was for you Jazlle. I remember my first day at High School and I didn't know anybody and I was so shy. Your story is told beautifully and I felt as if I was with you all the way. 10 Karin Anderson

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Sameer Ahmed 30 June 2009

A very warm welcom that was one of the definig moment of your life. The remembrances are indeed very much special for us and we should rather safekeep them for they would be the only ascet we would have in our old age and at that particular time one lives in companionship of nostalgia when one had some wonderful memories.

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Adi Cox 30 June 2009

You have captured the moment here. The first day at school is a very difficult time.

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Annika Park 15 March 2010

This poem reminds me when I transferred to another school the same feeling I felt. Aja, Jaz!

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Sarwar Chowdhury 11 July 2009

beautiful description from the core of your heart it is! 10+

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Hazem Al Jaber 05 July 2009

beautiful great lovely memories... amazing one..

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Yelena M. 04 July 2009

This poem reminded me of my first day at school and the similar emotions felt.I like the rhythm and a spontaneous flow it produces when reciting. Thanks for sharing :) A.

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Catrina Heart 03 July 2009

Great wonderful poem shared and dedicated...10+++

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