The Peepal Tree Poem by M. Asim Nehal

The Peepal Tree

Rating: 4.7

In the fields of green,
amidst the blooming flowers,
stands the Peepal tree,
Its boughs stretch high to the sky,
a symbol of strength and grace.

Its leaves rustle soft,
like whispers in the summer breeze,
Its branches sway free,
a dance of nature's glory,
a gift to all who can see.

In every season,
The Peepal tree stands tall and true,
a beacon of hope,
a tribute to life's beauty,
a reminder of what we can do.

On the contrary,
while surrounded by overpasses and highways,
his relative Peepal is enduring a difficult existence
Toxic fumes emanated by automobiles,
depriving him and his foliage of fresh air
His plea for assistance goes unheard.

The Peepal Tree
Friday, June 2, 2023
Topic(s) of this poem: trees
Rajan T Renganathan 02 June 2023

I read your poem in Hindi as well, you may post it from: I would like to translate this poem section where both the poems will appear together.

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Poetic Sky 03 June 2023

Tale os two trees at two different places, one happy and enjoying the nature's bliss while the other is suffering human's wrath. Good Write.

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David Wood 02 June 2023

Great tribute to trees, the lungs of the earth.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 02 June 2023

lovely Asim I wish to be underneath it

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Anjandev Roy 02 June 2023

.....a tribute to life's beauty....... friend...

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Nabakishore Dash 04 June 2023

Plea fo assistance falls on stone deaf ears of man. Superb dear poet.

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Suzon Albert 04 June 2023

My heart cries for the second tree which is facing all man made troubles, we have become insensitive towards nature and other creatures. A sorry state of affairs.

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Pallab Chaudhury 04 June 2023

Good poem- keeping the tree as an important organ for survival on this earth.... Well done....

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Peepul is symbolic of life, love and caring. For it gives and supports life. That is why is sacred

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Indira Renganathan 03 June 2023

We do need trees everywhere.. but in in places of human dwellings we don't value them high the way they are...a good poem for trees' importance

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