The Realm Of Rhyme And Rhythm Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

The Realm Of Rhyme And Rhythm

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Ooh I'm in love with poems that rhyme
Poems enrapture by their tuneful chime.

Ah hickory dickory dock
It's fun to see poems roll n rock.

Poems with a merry, cheery catchy tune
whisk me into that classic poetic boon

Poems embroidered with melody
send me forth into rhapsody

Just try your voicebox at a sing-a-long
and watch a poem go ping pong, ding dong.

It's poems with a funky beat
that are to me such a poetic treat

They are the ones that have
swept me off my feet.

Bouncy rhythms in rhyming verse
could be enjoyed even if they be a rant or terse.

I enjoy poems which bear those vivid rich tones
they'd even make ringtones for my cell-phones.

Poetic stanzas that have excellent symmetry
are my weakness in the realm of poetry.

Admirable is a well-structured rhyme scheme
provided you don't upset or stray from your theme.

Even silly nonsense rhymes give me a reader's thrill and fun
but meaninful rhyming ones
are ofcourse a bonus
as they make a two-in -one.

Ah poems with an astute rhythmic flow
are the ones for which you can take a bow
For no Dinars, dirhams or dime
do I sell my rhythm and buy your rhyme.

If you rhyme and write in meter
you can be sure I'll be your reader.

Neela Nath Das 22 November 2013

Well-constructed and beautifully rhymed verse.Loved a lot.

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Lorraine Colon 22 November 2013

Bravo! This is wonderful. I agree with you. It's like dancing - you feel the rhythm and you can't stop. Although I have read beautiful non-rhyming poems, too. Sometimes I wish I could write like that but I can't. But we appreciate it all, don't we? Words written from the heart touch us like nothing else can.

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Noreen Carden 26 November 2013

Reading this poem made me feel good it was uplifting well done great rhyme and rhythm

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Malini Kadir 27 November 2013

wow you have this rhyme and rhyming sense well endowed.....

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Charles Darnell 27 November 2013

A nice, whimsical little piece.

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Aniruddha Pathak 05 November 2019

Yes indeed, rhymes cast a magic spell, if they fit in so well, if not, I guess it is better to be rhyme-less.

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A rich refreshing river of rhymes!

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Ibnu Din Assingkiri 17 December 2013

simply amazing - it keep on rhyming - it keep on entertaining....

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Susy Evelyne 13 December 2013

Love the exuberance and imagination in this tribute. I'm glad you celebrate rhyme and rhythm, Zaynub. If some say rhyming poetry is old hat - i say it's new hat! It's deep in the human soul to rhyme and sing like a bird! For a while I tried to fight the rhyme in my poems as blank verse seemed to be 'modern' but now I'm proud to rhyme.

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Stan Petrovich 04 December 2013

Rhyming, however, is rife with pitfalls. Some of your stanzas are terrific, others clumsy. I say it is better to write in blank verse and take away all the tripwires!

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

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