The Subways Of Your Mind Poem by Linda Ori

The Subways Of Your Mind

Rating: 4.0

It's midnight here in Utah
And the world outside is still
As I sit down at my keyboard to compose -

My mind begins to wander
Down the sidewalks of New York
And I wonder if your sweet subconscious knows -

Assuming that you're sleeping,
But that never was your style -
Too many midnight poems confirm that fact -

I wonder, Mr. Ryan........................
Do you miss your poet friends -
Does your lonely laptop beg you to react?

It's really much too quiet
Ever since you went away,
And midnight now has lost its magic spell -

My poems now seem unnoticed
As the lack of comments show,
And I always knew you would critique me well -

But, I'll continue searching
For your words upon my page,
As I believe that one day I will find

That still my light is shining
In the midnights of your life
As I travel through the subways of your mind.


Aw! and aw! A lovely deeply personal tribute. I'm betting there are quite a few who wish they had written this. t x

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Geoff Warden 21 July 2007

Well young Lady of the voiced words of such motin verbs bringing such touch of compation an' down right tribute unto a stature that has touched many on this web-blast pages of parady...I can only say that this trubute is second only by the heart- of-giving owned by it's writter.WELL DONE LiNDA...

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Scarlett Treat 21 July 2007

Linda, I also miss the subways of his mind, the unexpected twists and turns, and the smooth plays on words.. not to mention his wonderful love poems. He will be back, of this I am one form or another. I am doing my best to talk him into a book deal....more on that when he gets aroundtoit! I don't think his light will be hidden too long, because it shines too brightly. Linda

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Ernestine Northover 21 July 2007

A slendid piece of writing Linda, and I so agree that PH is not the same without Frank's wonderful comments. We must just hope he hasn't gone too far away and that he will post again every so often.. Loved reading this, a very clever write. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Ivor Hogg 12 September 2007

I read and enjoyed this poem. Structured forms appeal to me. I often wonder about poets I have come to know on the net who suddenly disappear. Sometimes I discover what has happened to them Like pper dance and poet dude They have died and we only have thier words ro recall them to mind Others just dropp out from the poetry scene. I coul picture you at your keyboard jsut wondering

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~ Jon London ~ 29 June 2008

Beautifully written piece Linda, ....expertly composed poignant poem....10++ thanks for sharing best wishes Jon.

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Subbaraman N V 18 March 2008

Absolutely a great, poignant and beautiful poem which I enjoyed- of course not without pain at heart!

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Ivor Hogg 08 March 2008

Your title grabbed my attention and the effort was not wasted A splendidly nostalgic poem

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Don Mcwilliams 01 March 2008

Nicely done, Linda. I particularly like the last stanza. Regards, Don

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Linda Weischedel 02 January 2008

Great poem Linda! The title drew me in right away.

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