The Undead Poem by Practicing Poetess

The Undead

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It was his Uncle's funeral
The young boy went to the viewing.
As stony-faced adults filed past,
There was some trouble brewing.

It seems the Uncle wasn't dead
Which only needed proving.
The nephew called out from his seat,
'Look everyone, he's moving! '

Some ladies fainted on the spot,
It took a lot to calm them.
It seems the undertaker had
Forgotten to embalm him!

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Ray Hansell 21 March 2019

The Undead...if only

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Practicing Poetess 21 March 2019

Haha Ray! (If only) . One day, we'll be even more alive than we are today, in a perfect Paradise. What a day that will be! Looking forward to it.

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Carl Roussell 19 March 2019

This is funny - but what a fright it would be! A 10

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Practicing Poetess 19 March 2019

A funny fright. Interesting concept! Thanks, Carl, for reading and commenting! : -)

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Louis Rams 18 March 2019

ha-ha even you like occasional humor

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Practicing Poetess 19 March 2019

Thanks, Louis. Actually, much more than occasional- Shall we say, CONSTANT? Life is tough. Lighten it up with humour. Can't get enough of that stuff! : -)

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Mahtab Bangalee 18 March 2019

UNDEAD on bier the GHOST!

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Practicing Poetess 19 March 2019

Mahtab, it was no ghost. Only a moving body! Thanks for commenting! : -)

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Kostas Lagos 18 March 2019

Macabre and humorous! 10!

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Practicing Poetess 19 March 2019

Thanks, Kostas! This sounds like the sort of poem that would appeal to you! : -)

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