*** The Word Warrior *** Poem by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

*** The Word Warrior ***

Rating: 4.7

Water vapors from Niagara
Awakened me
Feeling so fresh
And alive
Leaving behind the hustle
Of demanding life
I could smell the powerful
Perfumes of paradise
The angels whisper to my ears
“Don’t kill your thought,
The world would not be the same
Without you”
Olfactory sense of wisdom
Sneaks into my veins
I’ll write beautiful pieces
Like the Angels
So beautiful


Very nice i rly like it ^.^!

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Lesly Dee 27 July 2008

wow... very nice. (*: *)

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Johnnetta Bridges 27 July 2008

Very beautiful i love all your poems! ! *xoxoxoxox* -Johnnetta-

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Cool Soubai 27 July 2008

Hey Sulaiman thats was a short cool poem.Nicely done

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Jerry Pike 29 July 2008

hey....beautiful stuff jerry

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Ackroy Lashley 13 May 2009

Simply impressive! ! Continue to inscribe your art. Poetically yours, BajanPoet.

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Carol Fletcher 17 October 2008

This is the equivalent of a self - portrait or an auto-biography, You, my dear Sulaiman, are the ultimate Word Warrior!

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Maxislam Beauty 07 October 2008

this is awesome, you are making it with this, Angelic Realm.

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Chris Mendros 13 August 2008

'...Olfactory sense of wisdom/Sneaks into my veins...' Great images and sentiments here. Keep up the fight, warrior!

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Sw33t Girl 11 August 2008

Your description is fantastic!

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