The Young Cowboy Poem by Scarlett Treat

The Young Cowboy

Rating: 2.2

I found it hard to believe
he was an innocent young boy
because of the way he walked
toward me with a forward thrust of hips
that invited me to take part
in his joy of life.

He was unaware of his power,
his pride.
He was like a tiger cub,
swatting out with playful paw,
yet with no understanding
of the potential danger.

He was full of the pride of youth,
and the promise
of sensuality to come...
and yet,
hardly old enough
to grow a beard.

The group of boys with him
seemed young, and callow,
laughing and talking loudly
to be the center of attention.
But not Him!

His constantly searching eyes
roamed the crowded rodeo arena.
I couldn't see them very well
because of the low riding brim
of the hat he wore,
But his glance raked over me
with almost physical impact.

I walked on past him,
but I couldn't resist
a backward glance.
When I turned, I felt
his eyes again rake over
my face.

I felt as though I stood naked
before that searching glance,
and even at my advanced age,
I felt the blush that covered
my face!

R H 14 July 2006

Great narrative Scarlett - was he a young Clint Eastwood lookalike? ? Justine

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Alice Vedral Rivera 14 July 2006

naughty......... avr

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Alison Cassidy 20 July 2006

Scarlett, I know just what you mean. You have painted a very convincing portrait of this young man. I can see him.. and you. (I assume it's based on experience) . From one sixty-something to's just the same inside. love, Allie Catte

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Esther Leclerc 14 July 2006

But his glance raked over me/with almost physical impact - great lines there, Scarlett. And there ain't one thang wrong with a heapin' helpin' o' Cowboy imagery - I'm right there, girl! ! !

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Jerry Hughes 14 July 2006

Redboid, I'm not going to get analytical about this poem. It comes over as a 'what if' bit of fun, nothing more nothing less...

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YOU'RE A DIRTY OLD WOMAN! Well, I told you what you asked me kinky young lassie... I Love the piece big time.Your well 'POSITIONED' heh-heh, Imagework along with a tight& crisp structure, makes this Cowgirl Poet, look mighty fine & well crafted.! But Scarlett, my sweet, next time forget the POKE, and steal theHORSE.We can saddle it up to a Manhattan Carriage...YOU GOTTA START THINKIN' OUT O' TH' BOX, MY DEAR...LOL'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''FRANK/FJR

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Ernestine Northover 14 July 2006

Great story wonderfully described, and a wonderful picture it conjured up. Very, very nice indeed. Love Ernestine XXX

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