Unsung Love, Love Poems Poem by Captain Cur

Unsung Love, Love Poems

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The joy that your heart brings
to me is a simple, precious thing
and has inspired me to sing
to you this song.

I awoke and heard these words
from my soul they gently poured
from my sleeping heart un-stored
and found a voice.

You will never un-inspire
I will never un-desire
I will never un-require
your sweet love.

I will never implicate
I will never confiscate
I will never complicate
your loving heart.

I will never un-invent
these simple words that I have sent
I will never circumvent
the girl you are.

I will take it very slow
I will give you time to grow
I will even let you go
if you ask.

The words that start this song
they are heartfelt, they are strong
there meaning will belong
to you and I.

The clouds that mask the skies,
the tears that cloud my eyes
veils the love I feel inside
when your near.

I hear the laughs you lightly share
I see the smile you always wear
and the pain you sometimes bare
that you can't hide.

I will never be un-found
I will never let you down,
our fates are tightly bound
I am here.

I will end where first begun
on these gentle chords I strum
as I sing this song of love
unsung love.

Shahzia Batool 27 November 2012

(Welcome hither, as is the spring to the earth.... Shakespeare) ....... with a surprise song, sung so silently & so nicely...surprise...because just typed the name and saw the word NEW written in red color...if you wish to know which part of the poem is beautiful, then read this whole poem of yours...

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Harriet James 03 December 2012

So so nice to read your words again Captain, this is a sun-filled balm of simplicity and love. Beautiful

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Exuberant and captivating in its totality... Why Captain you keep phases between the visits.. Be writing at least once in a week. My letter to awaits your reading..

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Unwritten Soul 17 November 2012

That is awesome for me to comment the great poem...you write it with something..i think the ink you used was too concentrated with the feelings and emotion, i truly enjoyed this gorgeous write..never tired to read even if it was a mile long poem, because the sound just right...like when you sing this song, your unsung love song! great to hear you back! _Soul

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Anjandev Roy 08 February 2021

Outstanding write....thank u...

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Chris Zachariou 09 January 2021

A beautiful poem-offering to love.

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Practicing Poetess 30 July 2018

Beneath the tough exterior of a pirate, there beats a tender heart. The marshmallow is encased in steel. Lovely poem to pluck a woman's heartstrings! :)

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Captain Cur 30 July 2018

Thanks for the comment Practicing Poetess. Jagged rock and icy steel camouflage the things I feel.

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Rebecca Navarre 28 August 2017

Breath Takingly Beautiful! ! ! ! ! Wow! ! ! ! ! ! Thank You Ever So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! ! Ever So Many 10S! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ++++++

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Priya Arora 07 December 2012

I hear the laughs you lightly share I see the smile you always wear and the pain you sometimes bare that you can't hide. Beautiful lines..Thanks for sharing beautiful poem..plz do spare sm time to gv your valuable comments and suggestion on my collection.

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