Upon A Star ……. [dating Memory; 60 Percent True; Medium; Personal] Poem by Bri Edwards

Upon A Star ……. [dating Memory; 60 Percent True; Medium; Personal]

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When I wish upon a star,
I think not of Pinocchio.
I think of the backseat of a car,
and what might have happened there …… long ago.

It was the night [almost] of our first kiss.
You encouraged shy-Bri all evening long.
For a billion bucks, I'd not that night miss.
It started with an Elvis, car radio, song.

I drove us in my brother's car
to a 'double feature' drive-in movie show.
It was not, from home, very far.
I was quite nervous, ….. as you may know.

As we stared at the big screen, glowing,
Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin made us laugh.
By the second film, 'The Swimmer', you were blowing
into my right ear, and my 'thing' …. had grown by half.

At one point it started to rain,
and I fixed up a makeshift windshield visor.
Your attention to me, alas, was in vain.
Perhaps if we'd had some bottled Budweiser?

Actually, I'll never know what might have been.
As the screen went black and all other cars had departed,
a worker told me ‘Go home kid; make your wheels spin! '
I'd been about to 'attack' you. Really! ! ….. But I never got started.

(November 12, 2014)

Saturday, November 15, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: nostalgia
yes, folks, this is about 60% true. i think it happened while i was home on a break from college and i took a 'girl', who had 'almost' been my girlfriend in high school, to the drive-in in my older brother's brown Volvo. those were the movies, it did start to rain, i did put something over the top of the windshield so we could watch the movie [probably no other young man would have done that! ], and a drive-in employee (i assume) aimed high beam car headlights into our car windows and watched me as i disassembled the 'visor'. but he/she/the 'headlights person' did not speak to me. well, i was NOT ready for a full-time relationship, marriage, or a baby at that point anyway. the date was a success as far as i was concerned. i am now friends with the 'girl' who has since married.
Hazel Durham 12 August 2019

Wonderful, evocative write Bri with your great sense of fun the poem is so relatable for lots of men!

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Valentin Savin 03 May 2019

A very interesting and touching story. First time with a girl in a car. Cool movie, Elvis, rain, kisses. Everything went so well. The lights switched off. Your “thing… had grown by half”... You got to come over and push down on the girl’s pelvis. The B(a) udweiser turned out the Goodweiser.

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Abekah Emmanuel 16 November 2014

Oh really? ......so Bri had a first kiss also? ........I think you deceived the girl, whom I believe was your junior by then, with your poetic words...ha! ...... This is a great effort, interesting flashback!

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