'Useless'..... [human Uselessness; Psychology; Useless Advice? ; Humor/Humour? ; Sort Of Short] Poem by Bri Edwards

'Useless'..... [human Uselessness; Psychology; Useless Advice? ; Humor/Humour? ; Sort Of Short]

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'Useless' can be a nasty word; it can make one feel just like a turd.
But, if you think about it, that's ABSURD. [It' just a word! ! ] …. 'Useless'
I suppose, at times, it's said in jest, or at a bothered mind's behest.
But you'd better never (it) believe, ‘cause if you do, you may be apt to grieve,
AND wish you‘d never ever been born, AND think of …..Mom and Dad with scorn.

You may be bald, deaf, or even toothless,
but NO ONE ever is …..COMPLETELY useless!
WELL ……NO, I'll NOT say …….some things that I 'could'.
They might hurt YOU and YOU. That'd be NO GOOD!
So keep deluding yourselves. Yes! YOU-be-RUTHLESS!
AND keep telling yourselves 'I'M NOT USELESS! '

(July 12,2014)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: psychology
instead of assuming i am useless (as so many have said about me) , i decided to write this poem to try to tickle some brains or funny bones. did i succeed? or am i REALLY useless. come on (don't) tell me the truth. bri :)
Chuy Amante 23 July 2014

Truly a USELESS poem but so is cheesecake... A+

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A moving motivational mandate that is refreshing!

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Francie Lynch 02 August 2014

I believe in minimalism; so I strive to use less words as possible in my writing.

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Valsa George 28 July 2014

You didn't tickle, but honestly gave a tilt! So very true.... never ever tell anyone that he is useless as that very word is USELESS......! Even if someone tells it, don't believe it or take it to heart...... Yes, Bri, there is always 'method in your madness'!

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Rouren Torres 27 July 2014

I really enjoyed it, so I guess you achieved your goal.

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Kevin Patrick 27 July 2014

I could make a cheap shot and say this useful, but then that would just be useless wouldn't it? Still this was actually a delightful comeback, obviously the person who made the comment was not familiar with your ability to bend the lexicon in a very strategically way much to their dismay. And it is just a word, only a word that bites, whiles yours attack, but in a good way. It got to my funny bones, even the caps lock.

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Ruth Walters 23 July 2014

You're never alone or ruthless when you've got a Ruthie ;) Funny poem

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