Saz Fairy

Vomit Sprinkles

Between the pink walls and cluttered posters
There lies something more than a little deeper
Hiding in the childish regressions and teenage expressions
Is escapism and repressed forbidden escapism

Through scattered make up and glaring mirrors
Is a vague attempt at personal judgement, censorship
That struggles daily against the leaking narcissi
Days of hatred, days of vanity

Soft toys and dolls form the comforting childishness
Masked behind attempts at sexuality
The pin up posters of forbidden genders
Pretending as we do, to be art

Behind all the colours not all that dwells
Is cheerful in my mutant fairy otherworld
Extend your mind past the illusion for
This is that little bit more sinister

The loud chanting metal riffs and long rusted blades
Reminiscence still traceable of past obsessions
Addictions long exchanged for peace of mind
Long exchanged with someone else’s

From the outside looking in, its just shambled colours
Sparkles, wings and blasting metal anger
I realise my room seems to haunt at concepts
Of 12 year old lesbians, emo vomiting sprinkles.

In this mixed up teenage stage of drama
Of lip-gloss perfection and the last tampon left
This is what I made my room and in a way myself
As I conquest to discover what I am.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 25, 2006
Poem Edited: Friday, October 29, 2010

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