We Enter The Strange House Poem by ANJANDEV ROY

We Enter The Strange House

Rating: 5.0

I say myself,
'Yes, '
You too say yourself,
'Yes, '
But 'No' is written
At the entrance
Of the mysterious house,
So what?
Both of us say.....'Yes, '
That's very important,
We enter the strange house
With great confidence
And find everything true and perfect for us.

S H 06 June 2023

Whatever is written for a ghost it makes no difference, I mean your soul and conscious mind. Amusing poem.

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Martinez Salotori 06 June 2023

Confidence is the key to dare, Liked your poem Sir. Full ****

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 06 June 2023

We must be fearless and bold to discover what is really meant for us. An interesting poem well expressed.

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Nosheen Irfan 08 June 2023

Plunging into the forbidden territory can be the answer to many questions. Interesting and quizzical.

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Nabakishore Dash 07 June 2023

When both are willing, who can prevent is very well expressed in these beautifully crafted poem.Some body must have known your liking to arrange everything perfect.

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Poetic Sky 07 June 2023

Best foot first and I enter the house with you, Lovely poem. ***** All for you.

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M. Asim Nehal 07 June 2023

It is like exploring the uncharted territory or moving from certainty to uncertainty.Our apprehensions hinder us from embarking on such expeditions. Well said, my friend ADR.

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