When Death Comes Knocking! Poem by Geetha Jayakumar

When Death Comes Knocking!

Rating: 4.8

Death comes slowly
In silence
And pause at the door
No one hears it
Only the one who knows
Feels it
His door is knocked
Though he may be
Surrounded by
Near and dear ones
May be all alone.

When Death come Knocking
And speaks in silence
All set to go, dear...
Don't take anything
With you
Leave your body and
Everything here.
Take out your soul
Deep within.
Come with me Soul
Let's fly away from here
Heavens door is waiting
To welcome you dear.

When death comes knocking
Only once in lifetime,
Whether you want or not,
It can enter anywhere and anytime.
Its his choice
To whom
He should knock.
I don't know
When I will be his choice
Am waiting for him dearly!

© 2014.

Geetha Jayakumar.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Topic(s) of this poem: death
Aftab Alam Khursheed 17 September 2013

Wow beautiful feeling lines are powerful and at last boldness to face/ Am waiting for him dearly! thank may lord bless you

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Neela Nath Das 17 September 2013

Our ultimate scene of life.None can spare it.So true and inevitable!

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Lyn Paul 17 September 2013

Only once in a lifetime that is for sure. a great write with a great title. Thank You

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Krishnakumar Chandrasekar Nair 26 September 2013

And when he comes knocking Be civil to Him Praise his buffalo The crown of horns The big fat belly Then argue your point That his scroll may be wrong And that the dates are mixed up And possibly its the wrong address Point out your quarrelsome neighbour And may be, may be He A bit confused can go back With that horrid roll of rope and sack....

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Marvin Brato 19 September 2013

Well-penned, its the reality. Thanks for sharing.

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Noreen Carden 18 September 2013

Hello Geetha well done a great poem we are all just waiting for that call Thank you so much for your kind comments about my poems I just wish i had your talent for putting the right words together which makes your poems so special

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 18 September 2013

When death comes knocking, one must be ready. Do the things you want to accomplish. Let nothing be left to say i am not done yet. Beautiful poem. Thank you.

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Valsa George 17 September 2013

Death is the inevitable and inescapable reality of life! It is so near, but we like to imagine, it is so far! I wonder, if it has the glow of a sunset! A beautiful poem, Geetha!

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