*** When The Clock Strikes Twelve *** Poem by ANJALI SINHA

*** When The Clock Strikes Twelve ***

Rating: 3.6

When the clock strikes twelve
new year 2009 is born
with gaiety’s morn,
new chapter is opened
old book is shorn

Our future is carried
into another new year,
with hopes,
that this new year 2009,
will bring in cheer,
will bring in no fear
slough off tortures
no more massacres
no more tears..

My prayer to the lord

Lead us into 2009
with your power and strength divine,
inundate our hearts, with truth and light,
props us with your immeasurable might,
make us not breakers, or crashers on the shore,
but like torches to flame and brighten us more

Make us like beacons
like the stars and the moon,
who selflessly burn
so that others may turn
their lives into bright lanturns,
not in Cimmerian darkness
and sleep in the arms of Morpheus.

Forgive our enemies,
and make them see,
a peace that is lasting.
Let this siloloquy
not be an ephemeral,
but everlasting joy
for all to see
throughout 2009

Cure our hatred,
break our hauteur
end our factions,
and bend our pride,
to your control

Oh Lord! ! ! ! break this conundrum
Guerdon us with opulent joys
Of health, wealth and happiness,
this is my cry.



Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 31 December 2008

wish you have a fantastic 2009

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Aijaz Asif 31 December 2008

a striong write on this occasion, my thoughts and prayers are just like yours for this new year, thanks for sharing this marvellous write 10+++++ and A++++ rgds asif

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Sebastine Humaemo 04 January 2009

may your cry be answered......n we all get wet in blissful shower......hav a pleasant year ahead anjali.................. ' Forgive our enemies, and make them see, a peace that is lasting. Let this siloloquy not be an ephemeral, but everlasting joy for all to see throughout 2009.................simply superb.....10+...

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! ~ RAJNISH JENA ~! 05 January 2009

its so swet and nice new yer gift for all the poemhunter members........love it di very much liking

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C T Heart 07 January 2009

Amazing as always Anjali, you have a magic pen always there to accompany you. I wish i have read this poem during the new year, unfortunately i was in my vacation. Anyway, Thanks for the wonderful greetings and dedication to all of us! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Happy 3 Kings...

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Raj Nandy 16 July 2009

Let me join you Anjali, in your prayers for the remaining year and the one coming! With peace on earth and good will towards all! 10! -Raj Nandy

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Anjali as we are still in 2009, I want to thank you for this brilliant piece. Your words speak wisdom and let us hope things will improve before 2010. 10 Karin Anderson

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Allemagne Roßmann 17 April 2009

A pledge like response in Magyar(Hungarian-national language) as sung in the number Magyar Vandor Ha itt maradnál, nem indulnék még én sem, Ha nem indulnál, nem lenne érkezésem... Hová is mennék, hová is lennék egyedül én? Nélküled nem kell útlevél. Az otthon ott volt ahol bejártunk mindent százezerszer már... s apánkat kértük, hogy vegye... It is the resonance of love and life through pangs of hatred and fangs of death.I dedicate this midway 2009 on behalf of her to all poemhunter dwellers.

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Christine Kerr 10 April 2009

Nicely said, Positive thinking for the year ahead.

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Muhammad Ali 24 March 2009

Dear hopes and prays Good work and lovely thoughts Anjali 10

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