Why Not? ? ? Poem by Amitava Sur

Why Not? ? ?

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I can agree with human's appearance
To be of different shape
They may be with different color, .
Different height and face.

As we all know....
The earth has different atmosphere
With mountains, hills and seas;

But one thing is not clear to me
Why we speak in different language?
Creating a big difference
In communicating between us? ?

Though we perform all natural things
Almost in same way.
We smile, cry, eat and love
All in the same pattern.

Our sorrows, joys, anger and fear
Also being so similar! !
But we speak in different languages
To keep us ways apart! !

Why should we not
Speak in the same language? ? ?

This will minimize many differences
Between many of us on earth! !
Amitava (5.9.2014) 6-30 am

Friday, September 5, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: wisdom
In this modern age of the Twenty-First Century, when I see so many improvements in communications, I still find so many differences between people of this world. Our basic barrier I find is that we cannot express properly what we want to say to one another, language stands as a big wall between a majority of us.
This poem was inspired by that background and I believe wise people on earth will pay attention to it.
Roseann Shawiak 05 September 2014

Amazing and brilliant poem, Amitava. You have made an excellent point in your poem, you may unite the world yet with your poetry. It makes so much sense, why haven't people done this already. This is a major move forward in also ridding the world of prejudice. With an understanding of language, we could communicate better with one another, it would level the playing field so to speak. You are making a difference in this world one poem at a time, Amitava. Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn

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David Harris 05 September 2014

I agree entirely with the sentiment in this poem. However this world is divided not only by language. There are those that have and those that have not. Those that have, the rulers, are united under one God, they worship money. Their God is money. The rest of us are divided, we are divided by religion, for instance. Unless the ordinary, working, class people of this world can unite under one banner we have no hope. Language may be a start, but it will not be enough. This world was created for us all to share, at the moment we are allowing greed to destroy it. Divide and rule.

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Valsa George 05 September 2014

Your concern here is so genuine.....! Yes, language is a big barrier..... but we can't help! Even in this diversity, there is a common language... the language of love which everyone can understand! A great write, Amitava!

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 06 September 2014

The language of eyes..the language of grief , the language of pain, the language of poverty...you can understand and this is the basic..yet we have many languages to put one above another..if there is a single language than no one can abuse... there will be Dogsdom..yet its easy to learn the slang, thank you

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Lyn Paul 06 September 2014

Thank You Amitava for wanting to join us as one. Sadly so many are not even wanting to speak. They are just full of greed and hatred. Thanks too for your Poet Notes.

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Valerie Dohren 11 September 2014

Yes, wonderful sentiment - but which language would we choose, this in itself would cause dispute I fear! We need to speak the language of love, the rest would then follow.

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Salini Nair 11 September 2014

language is the first barrier of human relationship..................nice thought...sir

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Geetha Jayakumar 10 September 2014

A wonderful poem and I loved the topic. First time I am reading a poem on this particular topic. I liked the way you presented this issue. Very true said, language is really a barrier and there is lot of difficulty in communicating with each other. Though we tell there is unity in diversity. Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing with us.

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Ramesh Rai 10 September 2014

We need to develope the language of heart. A deserving poem.

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Hazel Durham 07 September 2014

Yes language is a great barrier between countries it would be wonderful if we all spoke the same language! Beautiful write Amitava!

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