Mona Palacios

Would You Have Any Regrets

Poem by Mona Palacios

Would you have any Regrets

Do you ever think of our times?
Do you ever wonder what would be?
Or do you ever wonder why?

Time goes by so fast then it is gone
In the blink of an eye,
Will you look back and say
Yes I have done what I wanted
In my life,

Will you look back and see
Your life complete
With no should of
Or with no would of
But didn’t,

Is you life complete with
Happiness, and smiles
Complete with Passion and desire

Complete with the little things,
Like a smile looking up into your eyes
Like the gentle touch of a soft hand
Caressing your face

Is your life complete?

Will you look back and say I did
All that is possible to make my self happy

Will you look back and say I have no regrets
Will you look in the mirror and see all that you
Could be,

When you look back on yesterday
Would you say I would of done something different?
Or will you say I did all I wanted to and I am content with my day

When tomorrow comes do you have dreams you want to fulfill,
Do you have desires you want to taste,

When the week is over will you take on the weekend with a heart that is
Full of Life, love, joy and happiness,

OR like me

Will you look at tomorrow and see the emptiness of today

Will you look at yesterday and see the sadness of tomorrow,
Will you close your eyes and see images that wont release your soul
When you run to nowhere and find nothing,

I have memories of better days,

I can’t say for sure that the pain and the hurt will leave my heart and soul
All I can say is life is unfair I tried, I gave, I loved and I Lost

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, November 2, 2004