(009) Poet Is A Living Pyre Poem by premji premji

(009) Poet Is A Living Pyre

Rating: 2.9

Poet is a living pyre,
But, what to burn
Except his soul....
With billion degrees
He burns
Like the Sun...
The plight of the Sun
He burns for you
To torch your life
There is no deference...

Kesav Easwaran 12 August 2008

so sunny a poet's mind...unselfish as he 'burns'...you have come out with a marvelous piece, premji... the way of poem telling, most impressive 10/10

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 14 August 2008

torching the flames of crafted words...burn you to heaven...that's poet.

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Indira Renganathan 19 August 2008

Your verses remind me of Subramanya Bharathi whose lyrics were stimulant for our freedom.You deserve countless stars.Nice write.Thank you

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Mamta Agarwal 11 September 2008

Dear Premji, living furnace in which the poet's soul burns, comes out pouring the poetry Sun which burns for us brings to life beauty that lasts an eternity. i agree with Indira, your thoughts are very stimulating, your style unique.Thanks

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Reshma Ramesh 23 September 2008

wow! ! i loved this one.......good write

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Sandhya S N 23 June 2009

Yea Sure ji premji and the light of your poems are very bright and thought provoking regards sandhya

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Aditya Keerthi 14 June 2009

You know, ur poem torches my life.

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Shashendra Amalshan 01 June 2009

hey this is great/...very effective write, great imagery...I felt I was burning, it said a lot....nice one ma'am...10+++ regards shan

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Pandian Angelina 15 May 2009

Self Consuming Selfless Giving Burning Oneself Burning for others Sun Light Life Energy Glorious The Poet in you Shines forth like the Sun! Wonderful & powerful simile, Great one Prem.

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Fiona Davidson 13 March 2009

Excellent description of a poets fire to write...thanks 10++

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