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cinderella lied,
she never lost her glass slipper
only her virginity...
and so did he,

it's true-
i can't do anything,
but walk on glass, and

a thousand white stars racing towards me
a thousand red, falling away.
these cars are no longer cars
and i want to be apart of this

summertime-chemical burns
leave you knee deep in the chlorine
the sting, yes it kills
but the pollen hurts more

welcome to the badlands
it's the only land i know,
we can dance fast through the madlands...
numb our lips and minds on blow

Braden, when you come home,
you will be reminded that hell and home start with the same letter.
I'm beginning to crack along the seams
foreshadowing my explosion.

Dear Mr.November,
How perfectly your empty trees reflect my barren soul. I will be grey. I will be bones. I will be just like you.
When morningtime comes, and the sun rises, cold... I will be there. Beneath the twisted branches and frozen mud,
my hand outstretched as if you could almost reach me.

i'll push your bones into mexican mud
and stomp on them...so that
when the rain

it's nighttime in the valley
city's glaring: go to sleep...
touch yourself soft, in the valley
palms are flaring, go to sleep

if you were'nt on fire, i would sleep with you.
pour gold between my legs, take your heat.
smother the inferno...

ocean clouds broke on a mango tidepool-sky,
the sun, whispering the last heat of day,
promised tomorrow would be sweeter
and i wondered, if when i'm older,

have eyes like teal moons
stars are falling from your neck...
and you glow like evening sunsets

if i wrote lullaby's...they would cradle the moon like my mother's hands,
they would whisper every secret that your bestfriend never told you,
and every secret that they told you and you never should've known,
if i wrote lullaby's...they would kiss like a sedative,

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My full name is gabriella tizzano. i live in ohio. i like to write

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Cinderella Lied

cinderella lied,
she never lost her glass slipper
only her virginity...
and so did he,
(the prince, i mean)
he lost himself inside her,
somewhere deep between the sheets
(between the lines)
and between the sheets
he read her passion
felt her lust
grasped her thrust
cinderella lied

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J Knight 24 June 2009

you're my favorite poetess (or poet for that matter and it's not just because i know you)

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Sue Ann Simar 06 January 2007

you have a wonderful name, Riel Tizzano. The name alone is its own little poem.

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