A Letter In The Wind Poem by Unwritten Soul

A Letter In The Wind

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Yellow foliage fallen on my hands
Remind me, they once were green
Reminisce me of our beautiful time
Standing here, witnessing running days
Flying and leaving that moment away
So soon days changing another season,
But I know our time wont be faded away
Even it only just golden past days

Encarved smiles by those memories
Haunting clock ticking, bringing old times,
Staying alive, In a distance of silence
Presently living between our breaths
Far by the oceans, across the lands
Two minds bind to different poles of hearts
Between us, joining two souls, you and me
The only junction connecting us over the sea
Maybe i am the only one who counting
Upon the days till you are here to return
Chasing the time toward the end
To end the season of waiting

Since you been gone,
Day by day I'm living with the sky
Looking the same sun, hope it warming you
Staring the moon bright, hope it shelters your night
Your last promise to return, I am undone the last bye
I shall await, await for your shadow to tell me you're back
But spring has losing it flowers, and leaves about to leave
Evening breeze of autumn, I still living with the sunset sky
It could be another day of waiting, but i am loyal to stay
So in each breathe i take in, my soul write my words
Chaining word by word, embroidered with my prayers
A single hush flying with a letter from my all
Swifting free, those are my letters in the wind

Wandering in this shared world atmosphere
Bird singing over the melodies, tunes of harmony
Singing verses of secret letter hidden in the wind
Encompassed by your magnetic heart, it will find
From a single hush traveled to be in your breathing
May it'll be revealed when reach to heart then your mind
A letter to words then completing the meaning
Binding to your mind of what i am here telling
My whispering soul to you, if you wondering

Below the stars, the shining sparks
Sometimes i feel someone is remembering me
Could it be a reply for me, my letter in the wind?
Take nothing for granted, the only thing i honestly mean
Only praying for you having all great life and things
Maybe this waiting is not going to end
But my prayers will never stop to send
And the letters will be continuously written
In each of my breathing, every second
Till the last breath of my life

Stand here, watching how green turn yellow
and that's how it was our beautiful time
For life has time with mystery flow
Remind you never be low, just go
Trust all things within you
Be strong whatever you do
I am not be there but the wind will
Carrying a letter for you
from me till end of my time

The alternate title for this poem is called 'Une lettre dans le vent'. Taking many times before posting this poem, then i done two artworks for it one is called Autumn on my skin, and Eternal spring. Written for a far relative, my french teacher, my friend that i always enjoyed together in thick and thin, start written when my nice buddy had to go to work in Algeria, for few months. I am just hoping you doing well and always be strong and be happy, my best far relative and friend_Unwritten Soul

Thursday, October 25, 2012
Topic(s) of this poem: relationship,seasons
Heather Wilkins 11 August 2013

this is a beautiful write. the last stanza a delight to write. enjoyed the write

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Tom Billsborough 09 May 2016

Yes, another very moving poem with an unerring sense of rhythm. It contains many beautiful thoughts expressed with great artistry. Glad I found you! Tom Billsborough Ps No you found me first! A big bonus for me.

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Muhammad Ali 17 August 2016

A letter... in the wind. A twinkle, in the globe... the globe of tear! A praying honest heart. Beauty of true relationship is all this poem.

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Rebecca Navarre 09 October 2016

Very Heartfelt! ! ! Touching Poem! Beautifully done! Grateful You shared!

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Ketan Hukare 25 November 2012

An exceptionally well written and composed poem. Awesome..................... ....................Please share more

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Denis Mair 11 January 2020

Entrusting the wind to carry thoughts across a gulf takes a leap of faith, which is essential for writing poetry. From this poem I see that your " muscle" of faith is well-exercised and able to make that leap. When one is inspired, even the sky's wide-open emptiness becomes a dimension wherein the breadth and depth of feelings are measured.

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Mj Lemon 10 May 2019

This one goes to myfavourites, Soul. There is a brilliant melancholy here...a sense we all desire permanence, but there are times we ought to remind ourselves that those things which we believe eternal may be so, but appear and travel like the wind.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 October 2018

Part - 2 Between us, joining two souls, you and me The only junction connecting us over the sea Maybe i am the only one who counting Upon the days till you are here to return..... Thanks for sharing.10

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Kumarmani Mahakul 13 October 2018

Part - 1 The green leaves become yellow and fall once from trees.Time does pass but memories come to mind of bright past. Time cant't fade the golden past. The beginning of the poem is so fantastic. Dear soul, you have so touchingly and astutely inscribed on nature and relationship. I cite.... Far by the oceans, across the lands Two minds bind to different poles of hearts

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Walterrean Salley 01 March 2018

Speaks of abundant hope for all. Never give up. And wonderful for its great encouragement shared. Thanks.

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