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Desert Rose

Rating: 4.5


Bring the lost back to the right path
Desert rose with the silence voice
Whispering in the calm scented air
Mesmerizing, captivating, a guidance
Perfume sight for blinded eyes, in the sandy breeze
Trails the hopes to find way home
Back to the place of attraction
The hidden ambitious land

In the Secret garden of oasis
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Christopher Tye 24 May 2016

Wonderful work, you can almost smell the scent of the Desert rose in the air.

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Unwritten Soul 24 May 2016

Thank you Christopher, the scent is never there but in your kind mind...thank you :)

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Tom Billsborough 22 May 2016

A marvellous sequence of images centred on the Desert Rose. I can't think of a better poem than this on the site, unless one of your own. maybe your name means Desert Rose. Tom billsborough

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Kesav Easwaran 05 February 2020

Desert Rose. A great metaphor. Of hope and illusion both. Great write. Much poetic 10+

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Mj Lemon 04 July 2019

After revisiting this verse, Soul, I get another image. Perhaps Rose is a name...Desert Rose, a biker, traveling across country, back and forth, over a lifetime. First Rose becomes an acquaintance, a companion. Over time, the petals fade...Rose becomes a memory, and ultimately a legend. Magnificent work, Soul.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 May 2019

Fragrance soul cant be defeated, killed in any way....most important line in this poem. It is really a marvelous poem wisely delineated.

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Richard Wlodarski 22 August 2017

Soul, your distinguished colleagues have said it all. So there's nothing left to be said. Except maybe: Wow! And Wow Again! ! Also, your totally magnificent poem has inspired me to write Unwritten Soul. Hope you like it.

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Unwritten Soul 23 August 2017

Thanks for your poem, i really enjoyed it...and the gentle heart that you poured on this comment is always be my treasure, every friend they are kind enough but you also not exemption...blessed with people surround me, May God bless all of you my dear friends (thats including you my dear Richard Wlodarski)

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Captain Cur 03 August 2017

The qualities of the desert rose as it pertains to our lives is stunningly depicted in your words. To learn from the unselfish nature of this flower through your keen and detailed observations skills can be balm to many wounded hearts.

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Unwritten Soul 23 August 2017

Words from Captain, it makes me happy whatever it is because you always be kind to me hahahaha...let we be happy all the time by learning from nature...because we part of it... Thanks Captain Cur!

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