Miles To Go Poem by Vidi Writes

Miles To Go

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In his “Snowy Evening”
Robert Frost says –
“But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep”

In our Shiny morning
We laymen say –
“But this life so vulnerable to reap,
let me sleep well before I leap”

In our Sunny day
We laymen say –
“But this life is unconquerable, so steep,
let me sleep well and give up.

In our Shadowed Evening
We laymen say –
“But this life is no more to be lived, no hope
let me sleep my last and end up.

We find most of us in last three clauses!
When will we find ourselves in the first?
Resting will rust you
Struggles will strengthen you.

Let this be a chorus from all of us
Let this stimulus of melody melt our laziness
“But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep”


Chitra - 11 July 2008

A very strong point made here! inspiring

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Bob Gibson 25 May 2008

You can't knock a six inch nail in with a tack hammer! same as a halfhearted aproach to life, great write!

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Rani Turton 04 May 2008

The ability to struggle for something has to come from deep personal conviction. The very poor have always struggled for survival, and the middle class yearn for comfort. but for most people the struggle and labour does come in one way or another. Who has it really easy, can't say. A very appreciable poem.

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Kesav Easwaran 04 May 2008

‘Those who must thrive must get up at five Those who have thriven may lie till seven…’ Well, this could be a general rule… Uthishtatha! Jagratha! (Rise up! Remain Awake!) But this is what we must aspire most… A well written poem on a well thought out subject matter.

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Abha Sharma 29 April 2008

these are the most quoted lines of any poet....Miles to go before I sleep...Robert Frost got Pulitzer for his poetic works. The lines were found written on the office table of Pandit Nehru the day he died...very nicely you have brought the contrast between the common man and the genius...yes this attitude differentiates the two.. Very well written

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Raj Nandy 30 September 2009

When our body becomes weak, our mental quest shall continue to seek! And the power of poetry our soul shall heal! Before we enter eternal sleep! For your poem 10+ PS: Do read my poem on page 2, -'A Tribute to the Healing Power of Poetry'! Thank you! -Raj

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Shashendra Amalshan 07 July 2009

hello ma'am! ! ! hey this is a nice one indeed.. i guess Robert Frost would've been proud of you! ! ! ! .... as for me.. i m still 21 and feels so bad when i take a look at all the miles i v to go... anyway this is a nice write indeed! ! ! 10++ with love shan

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Mamta Agarwal 22 June 2009

oh, yes people who have purpose in life are motivated enough to live life fully, and not give in to destiny. they make their own. as Bb says, getting out of the comfort zone is painful, but rewarding. Thanks Vidi for this reminder.. Mamta

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Bob Blackwell 16 June 2009

Yes we must all escape our comfort zone, to take the road less travelled.

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Raj Nandy 10 January 2009


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