Bijay Kant Dubey America Poems

With What Promises Do You Want To Build, Rebuild America?

An America how do you like to build, rebuild it,
How do you intend on to take it along
Keeping the Charter in mind,
The lessons learnt from history,

Now the time has come
To say no,
No to immigration
If come you with

Bob Dylan
With the guitar
Singing the songs
Of America.

With America,
In your

Black, Black American, The Song Of Black America

Black American,
Black, black American,
Black, black America,
The rappers rapping,

History of the States,
The United States of America,
Who came from where,
Who settled where

How long will the mayhem continue to,
Rioting and chaos,
Anti-racism protests
Aligned with arson, loot and setting on fire,

Whitman The Heartthrob Of America

An essayist,
A social worker,
A visionary
And a dreamer

Song Of America

Song of America,
Want I to sing,
Song of America

Bob Dylan, Are You A Singer Of America?

Bob Dylan,
Are you a singer of America
And your song
The song of America,

Robert Frost, Are You The Wordsworth Of America?

Robert Frost,
Are you the Wordsworth,
Wordsworth of

America Should Handle With Care North Korea

If the nuclear war is fought after
Nagasaki and Hiroshima,
It will be the lapses and blunders
Of American diplomacy

America Should Think Before Going To War With North Korea

There's nothing to be hot-brained,
But cool, cool, calm
Just like the North Korean counterpart.

America Is But A Starnge Armsdealer

American policy is strange
Sometimes benefitting,
Sometimes bringing evil,
You clash not

America will cease to remain
If it allows
The religious minorities
To settle in,

If are a Mian
Do not move out to America
With your Miangiri
Thinking of Muslim Brotherhood

America Is America

America Is For The Americans

American is of Americanness
And Americanism,
Not the ethnic minorities
And their dead habits

Burqawalli, You Too In America

Burqawalli, you too in America,
Strangely yours,
Surprisingly yours,
Wherever go you, shall I follow you,

The Song Of America Hear I Through You, Allen Ginsberg

The song of America
Hear I
Through you
Allen Ginsberg

Bob, Your Song The Song Of America

Bob, your song is one
Of America, Americanness and Americanism,
American time-spirit,

America Should Ban The Entry Of Ismic Religious Minorities

America if it has to sustain
And survive
The onslaught of medievalism and conservatism
In terms of terrorism

Ban The Burquawalli From Entering America

Ban the burquawalli,
The purdahwalli,
The ghumtawalli


Muslim girl, live you in America,
But turn you it not
Into a state fanatical,
Sectarian and theocratic

Conservative People Will Destroy The Culture Of America

The conservative people
Most uncouth and clumsy ones
Will destroy
The free culture of America


If America and England keep allowing
The influx of immigrants,
Asiatic and Arabian,
They will spoil it all

America has to be on he guard of
If it has to survive
With its charter,
Not its dubious diplomacy,

I cannot accept it in America being
On the inter-faith lines,
Only one that know I
The ismic people of Asia and Africa

America is America,
The United States of America,
Representative of American culture and tradition,
Americanness and Americanism,

I smile on seeing the Indian professors
Teaching English
As like I not them
And their native teaching,

If the United States of America turns into a diaspora dais
Of the multi-racial, multi-ethnic and multi-cultural forums
Then Americanness will finish it all,
America will turn into a nation of ghettos,

Many yoga teachers,
Who have no value in India,
Moving to America
Turn into yoga marketing gurus,

While teaching yoga in America or Europe,
O Indian yoga teacher,
You clasp not the beauty
Beautiful to look at,

Yoga, Its Spells & Rounds In America

An Indian baba in America,
I mean a yoga guru
Teaching in the United States of America,
Taking the yoga class,

An American girl
With a cigar
Held into the hands
And the ashes falling,

A Poet Of America And Americanness Am I

A poet of America and Americanness,
The American dream am I,
Even going across the Atlantic and the Pacific,
Singing of democracy,

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