Be A Man! ! ! Poem by Anita Atina

Be A Man! ! !

Rating: 4.6

If you’re moved to tears

Don’t be afraid, to show you care

Be a man

If you’d rather strum the guitar

Than play football, that’s all

Be a man

If you don’t want her anymore

Gently tell her face to face, don’t hide

Be a man

If you’d rather teach school children

Than be a bank minion

So be it, be a man

If you’d like to write a song

Then do go on

Be a man

And if you like men or women, think clearly

Its your choice really

Go on, be a man

If you’re about to be brave

By gods grace

Be a man

Being a man or woman, has only to do with gender

And nothing to do with being tender

Go on then, be a man!

Ivan Donn Carswell 27 January 2008

Anita, there is a World of feeling behind this piece. You've stated a hugely complex dilemma in simple, supple terms with direct & unimpeachable honesty. Great words. Rgds, Ivan

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Aashish Ameya 31 January 2008

nice thought in this one....good poem

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David Harris 29 April 2008

Anita, a lot of truths presented here. We all have to be ourselves and let our emotions show. For too long it has been said men shouldn't cry, show grief when they need to. In reality we should all show our emotions readily. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. David

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Ivor Hogg 14 March 2008

Ignore societies expectations big boys feell emotion and can cry Although it took me years to dare

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 22 February 2008

Hmmm... I think I've discovered my 3rd wife! LOL... Anita, this poem is great. Love it. This says what this process of life is all about. Thanks.

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This is a lovely poem. While it is directed at men, I think it tells us all to be true to ourselves. It has such a clear voice too, the words flow so easily.

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Francis Duggan 01 February 2008

A great poem Anita on how to be a man you keep on coming up with good poems excellent writing.

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