~ I Choose The Mountain~ Poem by Howard The Motivational Poet Simon

~ I Choose The Mountain~

Rating: 4.5

The low lands call
I am tempted to answer
They are offering me a free dwelling
Without having to conquer

The massive mountain makes its move
Beckoning me to ascend
A much more difficult path
To get up the slippery bend

I cannot choose both
I have a choice to make
I must be wise
This will determine my fate

I choose, I choose the mountain
With all its stress and strain
Because only by climbing
Can I rise above the plain

I choose the mountain
And I will never stop climbing
I choose the mountain
And I shall forever be ascending

I choose the mountain

Tuesday, November 11, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: alliteration,alone,alternatives,ascension day,attitude,beautiful,brave,bravery,confidence,confident
Subhas Chandra Chakra 05 December 2016

It's a great poem ever written and published on this site.

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Wow! Wonderful commendations my friend! Thanks very much for you wonderful words about my poem! Be bountifully blessed!

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Sarah Mkhonza 10 December 2016

A wonderful poem that encourages us to accept the challenges on the path of life. So powerful on how to make choices.

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Thanks for you excellent regards for my poem. Be bountifully blessed!

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Queeny Gona 24 November 2016

Choosing the path is a primary step for individual's progress and there by ascending ahead to reach the goal is the climax. This poem is presented in an inspirational tone. Thank you for the share!

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Gengis Capote 17 March 2024


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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 15 November 2023

'I choose the Mountain' continues to be my most inspiring poem ever. You are truly a motivating Poet, dear Howard. Bless you!

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Ibtissam Ibrahim 01 September 2023

it is wonderful poem.. thanks for sharing it with us

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This is an echo of the poem " The Road Not Taken" Poem by Robert Frost. Nothing special about this.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 24 December 2022

A great modern poem. Merry Christmas to you dear friend. Stay blessed!

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