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[01] Feelings

Rating: 5.0

Feels are but invisible pet
sleeping on the polished table
Sometimes they wake up silently
As the frequency of air changes.

When a bluish smell comes from 3bs:
bell, butterfly, and bonsai;
A song starts singing in the media player
without any pre-loaded program;
More and more events happen within a moment;

And a smile shakes the hand touches the soul
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Tsira Goge 09 October 2008

Feels are but invisible pet... .......................................................... You have once again presented yourselves as the present master of words and the magnificent trainer of feelings. Very modern. The good fellow,10.... Tsira

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Allan Macli Borges 16 September 2008

you surprised me with your mordenism! ! passion and hi-tec! ! ! you're great!

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Onelia Avelar 08 September 2008

Nice metaphysical point of view to the feelings and the bonsai and butterfly again - wonderful images - they fit to almost every poem. Well penned. BR, one

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Maria Barbara Korynt 31 August 2009

Very good and interesting writting. Beautiful poem. (10v.) MBKorynt

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Raj Nandy 04 July 2009

This is an excellent piece of modern poetry! I can never express myself in such abstract and fine imagery! 10! -Raj Nandy

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Karla Bardanza 19 May 2009

Great imagery dissolved in your feelings! Love & Light! Karla

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Sandra Fowler 07 May 2009

Richly metaphorical. Your dreamscape is filled with sound, Imagery and colours. You handle the English language in a very unique way. Ten for you. Warm regards, Sandra

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rohit sapra 21 October 2008

Feelings are really varied in moods is what is nicely displayed in this poem of yours. It was nice reading this thoughtful poem.

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