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[01] Zero Point

Rating: 5.0

Moon swims slowly
I whisper your name to the night
Grasses grow softly
on the sandy footpath.

My nest incubates dream
from your breast
Your exquisite fingers
intertwine into my short hair.

Open your cabbage-heart
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Pacific Hernandez 07 October 2008

A nice work of art intricately woven.10 for you.

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Shimon Weinroth 05 October 2008

10 for a zero point filled with oppositions both strange and enchanting

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Sallie Howson 19 September 2008

great...the last line is so up to date it made me laugh

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Colm Hayes 15 September 2008

What an odd eclectic yet apt mixture of words, this is another beautiful piece. Well done.

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Albert Wong 11 September 2008

The moon can swim (creative, I like it) , you can use creative words, incubates...exquisite....intertwine etc...so I think to learn more and more from you, great poem. Oh, I just found your treasure on the first and last one poems, both being loved too. This one mark you 10.

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Open your blue-cell Let me enter into the memory card. ..... let me implant little life in it..... my strongest and hidden desire..........well conceived thought.... i admire it....10 can u just put me where did u stand last week and myself?

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Sherif Monem 24 June 2009

Very nice and intriguing.

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Marieta Maglas 21 June 2009

''My nest incubates dream from your breast Your exquisite fingers intertwine into my short hair.'' nice mixed, extended, visual, cognitive metaphor, .... touching....10+++

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John Tiong Chunghoo 05 June 2009

very riveting ashra.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 06 November 2008

Veryinventive write..Stellar imagework...astute, subtle mataphoric tease...Liked this, much! F j R

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