(091) Cotton Candy Poem by Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

(091) Cotton Candy

Rating: 3.5

When I was walking down the road
I saw the big town fair
I got a nice cotton candy
That was bought with my share
I ate my candy happily
With coffee in a cup
But after one or two minutes
What I did was throw up!

Howard Johnson 14 December 2006

It put a smile on my face, I could feel it melt in my mouth, The coffee combo would have gotten me too.

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Diane Violet 16 December 2006

Nice poem Risha, cotton candy and coffee, yes think I'd throw up also. Now a candy apple, more to my liking. Hugs, Diane

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Francesca Johnson 14 December 2006

Serves you right for eating that sickly stuff! But as you are only 9 years old you can be forgiven. This is a nice rhyming poem, Risha. Love, Fran xx

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 15 March 2007

Cotten candy... now thats one thing on earth i have never tried... But seeing what it did to you, i will pass and leave the being sick to you... Risha... a fun poem..10

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David Harris 27 January 2007

Risha, I love cotton candy, but not with coffee. On its own its OK. I loved this little poem. David

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Melvina Germain 13 January 2007

Excellent imagry painted here Risha, I'm not sure I could stand the mix of cotton candy and coffee either. Oh oh too much cotton candy and of course the coffee didn't help.--Thanks Risha---Melvina

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Dr. Kolitha Lelwala 05 January 2007

Wonderful poem, I felt nausea too. good word painting. Kolitha

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Raghavan Warrier 18 December 2006

Ha ha ha Good one. Don't you ever try the combination again

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Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

Risha Ahmed (12 yrs)

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