2- Those Animated Pictures Shivered Him Poem by sarwar chowdhury

2- Those Animated Pictures Shivered Him

Rating: 4.9

Standing beside the sea
he were watching
something pleasing on the shore
Suddenly he were shivered!

His memory opened the window
where animated pictures were appearing
that he could not understand the factum-

Humanity is naked mendicant
War-torned earth loughing
Shuttle diplomacy cutting jokes
Lovely flowers are crying
Sunshine disturbed
Moonlight tortured
Roads are as tormentor
Conspiracies are tranquillizer
Beauties become fire
Lovers are tyrants
Cities are forest
Wisdoms are neglected
Liar being worshipped

At last
very slowly he sounds once-
Where i am living!

But when he turned right and
looked at the unknown green tree
a sentence entered in his mind-
Day and night appear here having touched by cyclic motion.

©copyright by sarwar chowdhury. all rights reserved.

Bob Gibson 13 July 2008

Turmoil reigns in a troubled mind, now where is that place of peace, yes in my inner soul! I'll go there. very thought provoking poem Sarwar

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Onelia Avelar 14 July 2008

In the very last line i found a precious key (or clue) to an eternal wisdom. Worthy reading the whole to the closing line. Well penned.

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Greenwolfe 1962 15 July 2008

Wisdom finally appeared in the form of a tree. As it often does these days. I think people are fearful of their death and are preparing for their demise. GW62

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Uriah Hamilton 16 July 2008

There seems a sad wisdom here. Enjoyed the third stanza most.

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Sarwar Chowdhury 17 July 2008

Due to technical problem Poet Francis Duggan could not directly comment here. He sent his comment on this poem to inbox as below- 'I gave it a ten I would give it a twenty if I could it is such a beautiful poem but then every poem you write is such a good poem excellent work Sarwar and thank you for sharing. F Duggan '

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Sandra Fowler 21 September 2008

You handle the English language in a wonderfully, unique way. I love your use of the word, 'shivered' to describe your reaction to the animated pictures. Sarwar, I can honestly say, I have yet to read a poem of yours that did not richly deserve a ten. Warm regards, Sandra

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Anna jonson 25 August 2008

good poem...10 from me...

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 08 August 2008

animation reflects reality..in between fantasy, sometimes lead to animosity.

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Wanelisa Albert 26 July 2008

reminds me of my poem illusion. nice....i always enjoy your writes

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Anjali Sinha 26 July 2008

Hey sarwar, great write and beautiful compostion.Its very true 'Lovers are tyrants Cities are forest Wisdoms are neglected Liar being worshipped' Eyeopener for all. thanks for sharing +10 to you

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