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(376) Turbulent Crippled Emotions (Part One)

Rating: 3.4

A work of art is not shown here,
yard created by queen of despair.
She rules the insane in great capacity.
Fearful as it were, her tenacity.

Children make fun at her expense,
not looking beyond the tattered fence.
What turmoil has befallen this lady.
A cruel offense created her insanity.

She harbors, confused emotions true.
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I think every one knows a Lady like this...10

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Michael Gale 23 January 2007

Yet this doth be a great writful lit.... Read by one and all every little bit. This piece be given by me a grateful ten... Glad that yee had weilded thy pen. I gotta say i enjoyed readin' this poem. God bless all poets-MJG.

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David Harris 18 January 2007

Melvina, this poem reminded me of a woman in England who used to buy tons of bird food to feed the wild birds in her garden. So many people complained about her to the local authorities that they took her to court. She was banned from feeding the birds. However she still continued, but not with so much food. You captured the feeling beautifully. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. David

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Brian Dorn 10 December 2006

Excellent write, Melvina... people need to be more understanding and less judgmental. I look forward to its conclusion! Brian

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Diane Violet 10 December 2006

Now now Frank, a lot of us are still patiently waiting for Crow V..........anticipating the next chill and thrill of the saga............Melvina, interesting write you have started here, have to agree with Frank regarding what's fair to the majority but can also sympathize with the lady in question to a point, but now that she's harboring hate along with everything else it's a little scary to think just what this brand new gate will bring.......Diane

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Wes Vogler 22 November 2015

I found this enjoyable and expressive. Apparently 53 others thought it worth comment. I am very jealous. a! 0

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Maria Gonzalez 31 August 2015

Love this narrative. Very entertaining and insightful as well.

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Good subject matter to cover as noone unfortunately talks about the reasons some people become who they become! People are always standing back peering into others worlds and pointing a finger...maybe this will make people think about how hurtful it would be to be the character in the poem... Great imagery and emotions expressed........... Take care of U and I look forward to reading part two of this saga! ! ! *Shelley*

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I was going to say the same as Andrew. Oddly he and I are almost neighbours! I think it's sad that people who buck against the 'norm' are treated with derision. Maybe she doesn't know she's different? Ez

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Chelsi Ruffing 05 July 2007

That was simply great! Very good work and I like how you did the be continued.

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