A Baby Boom Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

A Baby Boom

Rating: 4.6

Each ward full of new arrivals
For parents not less than festivals
Joy and happiness could be read on face
Who could definitely tell what their race was?

Full of cheers and cries all over in the warden
All are excited with their entries all of sudden
May be it is arrival of spring in garden
Plants are ready to make the show very often

It may be just beginning of new season
Flowers may boom with some reason
Fragrance may be spread with lot of joy
Soon children may be playing with beautiful toys

This land is beautiful garden with lot of arrivals
Some may breathe and some may face dismissal
What do they bring in for us to live little longer?
It is feeling of unique kind which grows stronger and stronger

Flowers of different kind and color strongly wish to survive?
We just look at them and do nothing or take no steps to revive
We just enjoy their momentary appearance and allow them to fade
We think of nothing and consider it as routine or mere trade

Why do we love children more in initial days?
What a beautiful way of offering smile in innocent way?
Do they bring all type of hopes in the form of bright ray/
Do we last long in the hope and express solidly in pray?

It is how the world moves on and so we to with our mission
We humbly let almighty to know when we make submission
We seek all the time His blessings for present and future
We need to be simple and honest and make it doubly sure

As children rise on their feet with the passage of time and grow
Their efficiency in all the respect and worth to show
We may realize the importance of their being
They may prove and carry us on their powerful wing

Kumarmani Mahakul 24 June 2018

Children are baby booms who rise on their feet with the passage of time and grow. Beautiful poem. Thanks and congratulations for being selected this poem as the poem of the day.

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Greenwolfe 1962 17 April 2010

The fifth and seventh verses are the best ones with perfect rhyme words at the end of each line. There is a major problem with this poem though. It has no rhythm for the reader to follow as he or she reads it. This makes the reading very difficult. The subject is a very good one but the selection of the words used makes the meaning difficult to communicate smoothly. Regretfully, this poem needs work. --- Greenwolfe 1962

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Amy Cullinane 13 April 2010

I like your comparison between a baby and flower. Its a lovely poem,

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Mahtab Bangalee 24 June 2018

From foot stalk of a leaf to bud and gradually a flower- color and fragrance drag everyone for the time being fainted all are womb to cradle and childish wings gradually all are in matured ..... nice a baby boom

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Britte Ninad 24 June 2018

Different kinds and colors diversity in flowers or in nature boom and boom in roaming from the childish crawling a boyish capricious dealing........ different taste of life different all difference in old frivolous to gravity............ defiance to submission................

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Dillip K. Swain 25 June 2018

You are now an old tired man I see. Your poetry is notg3ood English. Attend my workshop if you esteemed.

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Kelly Kurt 24 June 2018

I see that the trolls and jealous poets have disliked all comments. Ignore them. Your poem has significance and power. Congratulations, Hasmukh.

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 24 June 2018

Excellent piece of artwork.... I vote 10

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Anil Kumar Panda 24 June 2018

A good education, caring and love make the children good citizens of a country and they bring laurels to their motherlands. In the garden of life they bloom and sway like flowers giving joy to everyone. A beautiful poem indeed. Enjoyed and congrats.

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Ramesh T A 24 June 2018

Children like flowers bloom with fragrance to spread their valour and learning as they grow catching up with the time! Congratulations my friend!

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