A Cabbage Patch Poem by Robert William Service

A Cabbage Patch

Rating: 2.9

Folk ask if I'm alive,
Most think I'm not;
Yet gaily I contrive
To till my plot.
The world its way can go,
I little heed,
So long as I can grow
The grub I need.

For though long overdue,
The years to me,
Have taught a lesson true,
Such better men than I
I've seen pass on;
Their pay-off when they die;

And so I mock at fame,
With books unread;
No monument I claim
When I am dead;
Contented as I see
My cottage thatch
That my last goal should be
--A cabbage patch.

Ruta Mohapatra 08 July 2018

' The world its way can go'.........lovely! Thanks for sharing!

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Bernard F. Asuncion 08 July 2018

Such a great write by Robert William Service👍👍👍

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Mahtab Bangalee 08 July 2018

And so I mock at fame, With books unread; No monument I claim When I am dead; .............. fame a vain trick a lame trip in the brain camp! !

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Ben Akinpelumi 08 July 2018


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Adrian Flett 08 July 2018

A fun view of how important we all are

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 July 2018

TWO: Keep smiling keeps one young, isn't it? He has lived very long for poets of this era. A most suitable choice of Poem Hunter Team for this Classic Poem Of The Day. Congratulations! Myriad of 10's for the vote! My personal Felicitations too for the Poet's lineage. GBU All.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 09 July 2018

ONE: Service has composed a loveliest Poem, humorous, full of spirit and with bits of irony. He has a natural talent to make his poems sound sardonic, which brings flavor in all his ouvre. The title says it all: A Cabbage Patch. A highest merit, this confessional poem of earlier era and he died last century at an old age.

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Anil Kumar Panda 08 July 2018

What a nice poem about the poet who longs for a simple life, unknown to the world of glitz. Like to read again and again. Thanks for posting.

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Glen Kappy 08 July 2018

i hail the declaration in this poem, though i have a different view of the afterlife. the noble work of farmers and gardeners is almost never the subject of tv cameras, while pompous politicians and those whose work can mean destruction get lots of attention. -gk

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Ben Akinpelumi 08 July 2018

Life is indeed for the living. Not for chasing after shiny things and die. Brilliant piece.

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