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A Caterpillar

Rating: 4.8

Today a Caterpillar was dancing on my plant’s leaf,
Green with white strips,
Its panoply shining in the sun,
I guess you would not call it pretty.

When I was child I was afraid of them,
I could not imagine how the majestic butterfly could emerge
from a plain larva that impresses no one.
As I grew older I’ve started to understand
our world a bit more and became a dreamer..
And it was at this point of my life
That I’ve realised that
all I’ve ever been was a caterpillar,
Waiting for the glorious moment to transform
To something beautiful
loved by everyone.

But the more I think about it the more
I prefer the humble larva.
Because she has potential,
Ambitious dreams
And a wonderful future.
She has the will to live!
While the admired butterfly has nothing to live for,
She has seen and done it all.
Now she can only wait for Death..

I transfer the caterpillar on my palm,
I observe it explore the new environment with excitement,
Again the will to live dominates,
She will not give up until she conquers
My palm,
The Garden,
The Universe.

I am myself a caterpillar.

Gina Onyemaechi 11 March 2006

Well, how about that for a fresh new way of looking at life and the instincts within us (ambition, desire, hope) to give it meaning! Fantastic poem which has made me look at poems in a whole new light! Warm regards, Gina.

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Peter Rodenby 08 February 2006

i enjoyed this poem thanks for sharing regards

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Noha Ramzy 21 June 2005

i liked the way you conacted realty with fantasy, it is a new idea talking about caterpillar transference as a beautifull imagination well done i hope for success and happness thanx

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Max Reif 19 June 2005

I like that you've done something NEW (to me) with the caterpillar/butterfly image pair. Most of your poem read itself to me, which is high praise! I feel so happy to be clicking people's new poems on this site, and finding poetry, not doggerel!

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Peter A. Crowther 19 June 2005

But only the imago can reproduce because the pupa becomes a soup

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Georgios Venetopoulos 14 February 2013

I think that you are a beautiful poetess (and a lady bug from another poem ( :) . Nice descriptions, direct expressing of your thoughts in a way concise and understandable.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 30 April 2008

this is a great write ivy.

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A brilliant image captured effectively in verse.

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Roger Bowman 26 November 2006

Cool poemo Ivy... Take care Roger

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Lynette Dias-Gouveia 30 August 2006

I like this one a lot! !

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