A Crofter's Tale Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

A Crofter's Tale

Rating: 5.0

I live in the highlands with valleys and mountains,
Working the soil where I spend all my days,
For this is my home I was born and was raised in,
A crofter my father I learned from his ways.
I followed his footsteps like he had before me,
Passed down generations from father to son,
I gathered the wisdom from all of my elders,
And knew as a crofter a job's never done.

I toiled in the morning I toiled through the evening,
Sowing and planting and turning the sod,
When I was too tired to go on any longer,
I sank to my knees and I then prayed to God.
To bring a good harvest to earn me a living,
To clothe and to feed me so I could survive,
I prayed for my elderly mother and father,
Until they were sadly no longer alive.

I married a lass she was sweet and so pretty,
We raised a young family I taught them my trade,
My boys grew up quickly and as I grew older,
I left them the reins and I lived in their shade.
And now as I look on the valleys and mountains,
With my love beside me our lives almost done,
Our children have learnt all the ways of a crofter,
And carry the torch now from father to son.

Mary Gordley 24 January 2008

A very fine story told in a wonderful manner. Thank you so much.

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Alison Cassidy 02 February 2008

Great pacing to this tale about hard work and family and a shared craft. Excellent poem. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Ernestine Northover 22 February 2008

Adorable. Just excellent! Loved it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Gleb Zavlanov 21 July 2013

This is a very nice, interesting, melodious poem. Keep up the great work. I also invite you to read and comment.

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Tsira Goge 15 January 2009

Surprising poems, Andrew... In simplicity the big wisdom shines... And respect of tradition... You have expressed this perfectly well...10........./ Thank you.../ Best wishes, Tsira

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David Desantis 06 October 2008

Excellent, very beautiful poem...it's stripped down and real and plays to all the values in life that matter.10/10

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Gillian.E. Shaw 23 May 2008

Just excellent - really enjoyable verse you have the skill to enable the reader to understand effortlessly and what you write is interesting. Loved it!

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Duncan Wyllie 22 February 2008

This poem says one thing to me, , , ' I NEED TO READ MORE OF YOUR WORK' Love duncan X

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