A Frosty Morn Poem by ANDREW BLAKEMORE

A Frosty Morn

Rating: 4.9

A frosty morn I walk alone
I blow my hands to keep them warm,
As sunlight shines but weakly through
The lightly dusted trees,
The sky as blue as summer but
No warmth to melt the bitter chill,
And all around the land is gripped
By winter's cruelest freeze.

No song to fill the silent air
While faintest mist does firmly cling,
To branch and bough across the field
And drapes the lowly hedge,
Where silken webs adorn the twigs
Like viels upon the bridal gown,
With diamond dew and silver thread
They make their solemn pledge.

And as I walk along the way
My footmarks left upon the grass,
So crisp and white where autumn leaves
Make patterns on the ground,
I won't look back but look ahead
For spring awaits to bring me cheer,
As nature sleeps my heart is lost
For sorrow's all I've found.

I lean upon this tree so bare
Where once we rested in its shade,
But offers me no comfort now
Yet still seems like a friend,
I place my hand upon the trunk
But now its rough and pitted bark,
On which I carved my lover's name
Now marks my lover's end.

Ann Beard 17 February 2008

A really lovely poem, the ending is very sad, but thats life.

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Duncan Wyllie 21 February 2008

Now..let me see..what do I like about this poem...OH YES, , EVERYTHING! ! ! ! The format, the content, the expression, the feeling, , , YES! that just about covers it (((((((((((((((A MASTER PIECE))))))))))))) Love duncan X

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Ernestine Northover 22 February 2008

Another lovely write, words beautifully woven together. Well done indeed. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Malini Kadir 27 February 2008

a beautiful write! you are a poet to admire........

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Kesav Easwaran 08 August 2008

sweet melodious lines... smooth stream like flow...well, Andrew! i read this poem a couple of times...nothing more to say...10/10

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Tsira Goge 20 February 2009

will not look back but look ahead For spring awaits to bring me cheer, As nature sleeps my heart is lost For sorrow's all I've found. Now marks my lover's end. ..................................................................... Andrew, I like to read your verses.... Gracefully write... Though an ending very sad... 10x10... Sincerely, Tsira

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Bonnie Collins 23 November 2008

What beautifull imagery you have penned this beautifull piece of nature... As always, a 10... Bonnie

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Julian Salvacion 10 November 2008

nicely penned! ! ! ! well done!

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Dr.subhendu Kar 07 October 2008

wonderful expression by nature`s world, wrought ingenious with imagery, yet of unique genre,10+, thanks for sharing

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David Kowalczyk 19 August 2008

Extremely engaging poem. Can't wait to read more of your work.

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