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I Might Not Be Beautiful,

Rating: 4.9

I might not be beautiful,
But I could intoxicate you,
Melt through you like an aged Scotch Whiskey.
I could make you dizzy with how you make me feel.
That kind of happy can be tranferred from my eyes,
Straight to your heart.
I could disorient you with my kiss,
It would feel like flying!
The take off of lips first connecting,
Then deeper familiarity lifts us higher.
We would open our eyes and register surprise,
That our feet are still on the ground.
I don't need a perfect body to get you thirsty to drink me in,
You would savour my fullness,
I could make you drunk on me.

Just give me your lips.

© 2012

Throw out the scales. A number does not tell you how awesome, smart, funny, beautiful, sexy or important you are.
Joseph Anderson 23 December 2012

If you got the money, I got the time. Age and distance put me in dream mode.A jolly good spirited write.Happy holidays to you and yours

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Stevie Taite 22 December 2012

Oh and by the way, you are beautiful!

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Stevie Taite 22 December 2012

Take a swig of that spirit, that makes the mouth tingle, and other places, then when you have finished, bang it down in the bar and demand another! Maybe even the bottle! Loved it!

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Lyn Paul 19 December 2012

So beautiful. Drunk on me, how sweet.thank you for making us smile

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Maggie Munro 19 December 2012

There is beauty at your fingertips, every time you share your words....

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Hans Vr 10 January 2013

yeah Ruby, Beauty is not all on our skin. Somewhere deep inside is where it resides.Very well written

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Tony Karas 05 January 2013

Beauty comes from within.... I think you have plenty.

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Owain Glyn 29 December 2012

Beauty really does come from within, as do your words, sounds to me like you've got it made!

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Valerie Dohren 25 December 2012

Wow - very sensual.

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Unwritten Soul 25 December 2012

That was a smart idea from you..yeah that's how you explain how precious you are in your own way......and it incomparable! a smart mind for beautiful feeling_SOul

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