A Heart Is Surely Bound Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Heart Is Surely Bound

Rating: 4.7

With branches coated topside white with snow.
And blue the shadows stretched along the ground.
Trees adding sharpness, a wintry view on show,
With dazzling, flickering sunshine, such can astound
The observing eye, which will discern and know
Each picture of nature's wealth, times made renowned.
And on a bench in silence sat a crow,
Held captive by a vista, with no sound.
Then flapping his wings, flew off, swooping quite low,
Leaving behind a frozen prospect to dumfound.
Thus, looking here and there, and to and fro
Across this painted scene, a heart is surely bound.

© Ernestine Northover

Duncan Wyllie 07 March 2006

If we stop and look, we'll see.Great work Ernestine.Love Duncan

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Not a member No 4 05 February 2007

A mesmerising panorama of winter, brought to life with the contrasting and active black crow. Superb attention to detail, and precisely crafted from opening to close. This heart was certainly bound throughout. xx jim

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Mary Nagy 13 January 2006

This is a beautiful moment of wintertime loveliness. Very well done Ernestine. Sincerely, Mary

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Declan McHenry 13 January 2006

Anything with crows gets my vote. Though, as an aside, that's a cracking little write Ernestine.

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Gina Onyemaechi 13 January 2006

Beautiful images, beautiful feeling. You do so many styles so well, Ernestine.

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Ron Flowers 16 July 2008

You paint such a vivid picture with words, I found myself there. Ron

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R H 25 April 2008

An astutely piece of observation crafted into a delightful winter scene - brimful of striking images - the contrast of the black crow amongst the delicate backdropp is especially vivid. j xx

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Lillian J. 25 March 2008

Such beauty in these words, just lovely! Lilly :)

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Andrew Blakemore 26 February 2008

A beautiful, descriptive poem Ernestine. You paint a lovely scene with your words. Andrew x

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Ivor Hogg 08 August 2007

Splendidly visual I could see the black crow against the white winterlandscape

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