A Heart Is Surely Bound Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Heart Is Surely Bound

Rating: 4.7

With branches coated topside white with snow.
And blue the shadows stretched along the ground.
Trees adding sharpness, a wintry view on show,
With dazzling, flickering sunshine, such can astound
The observing eye, which will discern and know
Each picture of nature's wealth, times made renowned.
And on a bench in silence sat a crow,
Held captive by a vista, with no sound.
Then flapping his wings, flew off, swooping quite low,
Leaving behind a frozen prospect to dumfound.
Thus, looking here and there, and to and fro
Across this painted scene, a heart is surely bound.

© Ernestine Northover

Duncan Wyllie 07 March 2006

If we stop and look, we'll see.Great work Ernestine.Love Duncan

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Scarlett Treat 08 February 2006

I think your work is near perfectly worded, but I am disconcerted by the number of commas, no periods. Where do you break for a breath? I love your work, but maybe the grammer needs a period or two? Given in love, Linda

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Lucy Burrow 22 January 2006

Such a beautiful scene, so well painted in word. A kindred spirit, I feel, your love of nature often echoes my own. A 10 from me. Regards, Lucy

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Lovely, lovely, Ernestine! I have a thing for trees and crows...my walls are covered with pictures of them. Thanks for the beautiful imagery in this poem.

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Tallie Kane 18 January 2006

Entrancing. This is beautiful, the set up is brilliance and I envy your skills to describe nature in its purest form. Keep writing, your talent is unique Tallie xxx

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Ron Flowers 16 July 2008

You paint such a vivid picture with words, I found myself there. Ron

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R H 25 April 2008

An astutely piece of observation crafted into a delightful winter scene - brimful of striking images - the contrast of the black crow amongst the delicate backdropp is especially vivid. j xx

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Lillian J. 25 March 2008

Such beauty in these words, just lovely! Lilly :)

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Andrew Blakemore 26 February 2008

A beautiful, descriptive poem Ernestine. You paint a lovely scene with your words. Andrew x

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Ivor Hogg 08 August 2007

Splendidly visual I could see the black crow against the white winterlandscape

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