! A Poets Life Poem by Bob Blackwell

! A Poets Life

Rating: 3.7

One word falls as another rises
to the surface of my mind,
together they create the start
of what life means to me.

Each day I hope for more,
Each day I return to source.

That mystical place, a
well of metaphors, a
place of meaning, that
beginning of word life,
found in the stillness, of
life’s yet unspoken library,
which on cue, like magic
words begin to flow.

Jumbled and cramped into
cupboards and drawers,
indexed through time to flow;
words of meaning, doing words
thinking verbs bring action,
to stir, to stimulate a poem.

Poems to inspire, to make right,
Poems that see all of life’s evil,
Poems of hope, reasons for living,
Poems of nature, poems of beauty.
Poems of love, poems of silence.

Creating a philosophical journey,
all mixed, stirred and shaken up,
fashioned to form reasons to
strive, to press on through all of
life’s up’s and downs, to life’s
reason of happiness and bliss.


Ian Bowen 07 July 2009

Bob, really thought this was so well written. Thought the last stanza to be a bit special.10/10 Ian

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Lynda Robson 07 July 2009

Written as only a Welshman could, stirring stuff Bob, Loved it 10 Lynda xx

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Shashendra Amalshan 07 July 2009

well.. i know this feeling sir.. expressing ourselves through beautiful words always help to ease out our mind.. nice write indeed. you said it well.. but in most cases it's easier said than done when it comes to facing life.... with love shan

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Ramesh T A 07 July 2009

Poet's life is inspiring, natural and lovely and his poems inspire others at all times! Nice to read!

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Fay Slimm 07 July 2009

Loved it Bob - the opportunity given to a poet is very special - - you make full use of this gift Bob with your own unique talent.... thanks and a more than ten from Fay...

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Vidi Writes 27 September 2009

Wonderful start that enthralled me till the end Perfect illustration to what a good writer can. This sect, so less understood by the main stream Sometimes even less read by fellow beings To be with oneself, write to the hearts conetnt keep the boat on sail.. watch.. and bliss or buzz... Hummm dear poet... great work here. You reminded all of us to know whats within us... what we are all up to... But your is class.. different here... an imprint..

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Janell Cressman 03 August 2009

perfect poem! ! ! ! you describe a poet(or poetess) perfectly

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Raj Nandy 01 August 2009


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Ritty Patnaik 21 July 2009

this is a gem of a poem, about the poets life! written with a lot of feelings and maturity.great poem bob!

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very well written...it is a flowing river within us creativity..we share to grow

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