A Point Poem by Savita Tyagi

A Point

Rating: 4.5

An affable desire rising from deeps of my heart
To search for a point where you and I can meet
A segue from rift to harmony
A soft touch, a moment of peace
A place to rest for restless mind
When bitter redundant passions turn sangfroid
I look around to see sky and earth meeting at horizon
The sanguine dusk embracing the night and day
The river rushing to meet the ocean
All my life I have been searching for something like wise
Never knowing the abscess of sorrow
Needs to be dissolved first to seek joy
The nub of life- the point of nirvana
But I need you to hold my hand to walk with me
Let's walk together in a world
Where mysteries of life still unfold
All those years I have tried to touch you in vain
I will take two steps for your one
But you have to move from your point of isolation.

Ritu Bansal 17 September 2013

heart touching..! ! nice..! ! !

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Chan Mongol 19 April 2016

Well focused. Well written......We are part of the bigger world with larger identity.........I will vote 10.

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Savita Tyagi 19 April 2016

Thank you Chan for your valuable comment..

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Akhtar Jawad 04 June 2014

Savita there are two lines in a ghazal Yeh kiska intezar hay available on this web site - - Kutch hum barhen kutch aao tum, yeh fasley mitaen hum, Gale milen miten gile, yeh kiska intezar hay. A point in all the affairs of life exists whereat the distances are eliminated, but efforts are needed to locate that point.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 15 July 2021

To search for a point where you and I can meet.......lovely expression!

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Savita Tyagi 15 July 2021

thank you so much for reading the poems and for your great, thoughtful comments on this and all other poems. Value it very much.

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Jaishree Nair 10 January 2021

Very nicely written.Enjoyed reading Thanks for the drop

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Valsa George 29 December 2020

Beautiful poem! Only if the other person takes one step for the two steps taken and shows the willingness to move from the point of isolation, the journey can be pleasant.

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Sonali Ganguly 12 April 2019

10 +... words may fail to express what I felt after reading the poem. just wow

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The journey of the poet in search of a point of meeting, the point of Nirvana being the nub of life has so touchingly been composed. Though I had tried in vain to touch you, now I need you to hold my hand and walk ahead. Beautiful...10

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