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A Random Poem About My Day In The Life Of My Mind 1.1 (C) 1/26/09

Rating: 3.4

It's a cycle
Like a psycho
Like Michael
In Tyco®
it's aight though
We'll fight y'know
til the knight go
and the fright blow
So get out of sight yo
When we'll rise you might know

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Mona Martinez 28 April 2009

lol. good rhyming. i like it.

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Abbie gorsuch 27 April 2009

haha <3 it! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Erica Lynn 20 April 2009

I LOVED IT! ! ! ! ! ! i think that its inspirational

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djean Whitney 16 April 2009

I realy liked this poem as well -very good! ! !

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Tiffany Border 10 April 2009

i rlly loved this poem as well! ! ! u have a true and natural talent! ! ! very well written and thought out! ! i would have to agree with thomas i could c this as a rap song

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Kate Hunter 21 March 2010

I love the action in this poem! I love your poems because I can relate to them!

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Taylor Donnelly 17 March 2010

i lovee this lol. it's so rythmatic..

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Christina Phan 12 March 2010

: D hehe gd one 10++ ur work so great n different

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Kassiah Gervaise 09 March 2010

a very fun and odd poem, i liked it.

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Marieta Maglas 20 May 2009

It is a poem with free verses. Simile is used very frequently : 'It's a cycle/Like a psycho' and 'useless/like a woodchuck toothless' '' shade lemur/Like a renegade femur''. in order to enhance the character of the person of the poem, that the author is willing to dig a little deeper, as a painting in which the face is not drawn, but only shadows appear. We see climax, here, like 'We'll fight y'know/til the knight go/and the fright blow'.The poem has an abstract meaning, like 'He's truthless/cause he ruthless/and useless/like a woodchuck toothless''.I like it.10+

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