A Recount And Recap Of Pandemic Lockdowns Worldwide Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

A Recount And Recap Of Pandemic Lockdowns Worldwide

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Humans have long trespassed
and destroyed animal territories,
Humans have poached
And selfishly encroached
upon animal habitats,
cutting down trees
to build human habitations.

Now the tables have turned
Humans are quarantined  in house arrest
while some lie sick in bedrest
So animals not usually seen are having a fields day
roaming upon roads,
crossing the streets.
Reclaiming the once jungle lands,
that had been turned into concrete urban jungles.

It's better that busy humans now become photoholic
than forever queueing in lines of heavy traffic.
Without human pollution,
nature is all the more photogenic.

Mother nature all a creation of God has now had many of us grounded
as she gives us a hiding
while we go into hiding.
Extraordinary turn of events indeed! !

In several countries round the world:
Discos and casinos vacated
Pubs and nightclubs evacuated
Bars shutdown for lockdown
People are behind bars instead of guzzling beer in bars
and instead of animals behind bars.

Humans compelled to hibernate
so animals busted their cell gate
Priorly animals were in an enclosure Now they are getting free exposure Self-centred humans cared mostly about themselves
but now the animal kingdom is the cynosure.
Animals were shut in cages and now human activity is under similar closure.

Ah, this corona crisis!
Is all this mercenary stasis
for humans a roasting nemesis?

A heavy price to pay for rapacious carelessness and arrogance
where humans acted like they are in control, like they are controllers of this planet
and they could do anything they wish with it.
It's ignorance to think all this is mere coincidence.

Im relieved our Islamic prayers can be said any place, anywhere
to kneel and bow to the one true real sustainer of the universe.
We need to invoke and supplicate to the creator who is still in control...
as prayer can really truly prevent fear anxiety and panic in such scary times

A Recount And Recap Of Pandemic Lockdowns Worldwide
Notes and reports related to my poem 'I suddenly realised that coincidence is a word we use when we are ignorant of the real causes.' - Albert Salvadó (I was impressed by the news story in which Kuwait had sent a special plane to Italy to specially evacuate their nationals from there when Italy was heavily stricken with the corona virus.) . I get impressed when govts spend money for their citizens. From latest news from past few months: Covid-19 is 'not under control' and rates of the virus are actually accelerating, according to the head of the World Health Organisation (WHO) . Ghebreyesus also warned that the US, Brazil and India, are among the worst affected countries in the world. This warning comes after Donald Trump began the country's formal withdrawal from the WHO.. The virus is ‘not under control' At the member state briefing on the pandemic evaluation, Dr Tedros said: 'The virus has upended health systems in some of the world's wealthiest nations, while some countries that have mounted a successful response have been of modest means. 'But in most of the world the virus is not under control. It is getting worse. And the pandemic is still accelerating.' According to data from Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University: The USA, India and Brazil account for the majority of new cases worldwide reported daily (as of July 2020)   and are listed as the top three countries with the most number of recorded cases. The US is currently the worst affected country, with over three million people having contracted the virus. Almost one in every 100 people in the US has been confirmed as infected with the virus and, tragically,131,000 have now died. The most recent figures from Thursday 9 July reveal the number of new daily cases in the country were just short of 60,000.  Meanwhile, in Brazil, the total number of new cases has reached over 46,000. India, a country with nearly 1.4 billion people, has reported nearly 25,000 new coronavirus infections as the disease spreads through the nation. Coronavirus in Europe According to data published by statista on 10 July, Europe's worst hit country in terms of the total number of cases since the start of the pandemic remains the United Kingdom, with 286,979 confirmed cases. According to data from CSSE at Johns Hopkins University, England is also the seventh worst affected country in the world, just behind Chile. Coronavirus in Latin America Serbia, has confirmed more than 17,000 cases of coronavirus, amongst its population of 6.9 million people, and a total of 341 deaths. Recent anti-lockdown protests in Serbia have led to the authorities banning mass gatherings of more than 10 people in the capital city of Belgrade on 9 July. Serbia's prime minister Ana Brnabic explained the decision, saying, 'The health system in Belgrade is close to breaking up" . As Leicester goes back into lockdown, the 35 other cities and counties in England at risk of being put back into lockdown next have been revealed. News from past 5 months All venues with alcohol licences in Guernsey that do not serve food will be closed from 18: 30 GMT, the States says. Earlier News reports All venues with alcohol licences in Guernsey that do not serve food will be closed from 18: 30 GMT, the States says. The temporary ban on pubs, bars and nightclubs will be reviewed.... Restaurants and pubs that do serve food can remain open, but are only allowed to serve alcohol to dining customers sitting at tables. The government also revealed the island's second confirmed case of Covid-19, in a patient who arrived from France. It said the decision to close alcohol-only venues was part of a 'pause-and-assess strategy', President of the Policy and Resources Committee Gavin St Pier said the 'extent coronavirus may be spreading in our community' had become 'less clear' due to delays to test results. 'We will not take any chances. Bars and clubs present a very real risk.' Coronavirus lockdown: Will pubs and bars be closed until Christmas? Michael Gove believes pubs will be the last thing to open again. Picture: PA Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove has hinted pubs and bars could be the last things to reopen following coronavirus lockdown. Coronavirus hit the UK hard in March 2020 and saw pubs, bars and restaurants as one of the first things to close in order to help social distancing, and now it's emerged they might not reopen until as late Christmas. Following Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove's speech on the extended coronavirus lockdown, he admitted pubs and bars could be amongst the last things to reopen once the pandemic has passed. There are 48,349 pubs in the UK, all of which are considerably worried about the latest development. Frank Maguire from Truman's brewery has said: " Christmas is about as big as business gets for the pub industry. It will be a huge loss. January and February are dead months — without Christmas to carry us through, we will struggle." Other news reports: 'infections linked to one man's night out: Seoul has once again closed down its bars and nightclubs after an increase in coronavirus infections was linked back to the South Korean capital's entertainment district. Most new cases have been traced back to one man.     South Korea ordered all bars and clubs in the capital city of Seoul to close after dozens of new coronavirus infections were traced back to one man's night out last weekend. The Asian country on Sunday reported 34 new cases of the coronavirus, the first time in a month that the national daily increase has risen over 30. South Korea has registered 10,874 cases of COVID-19, resulting in 256 deaths. Most of the new cases have been linked to nightclubs in Itaewon, a Seoul neighborhood known for its nightlife. A 29-year-old man tested positive for the coronavirus after visiting several clubs and bars there last weekend. 'Carelessness can lead to an explosion in infections, ' The mayor on Saturday ordered over 2,100 nightclubs, hostess bars, and discos to close indefinitely with immediate effect. The governor of Gyeonggi province, which surrounds Seoul, followed suit on Sunday, ordering over 5,7000 entertainment facilities to close down for two weeks. 'It's not over until it's over' South Korea has been held up as a model for how to curb the spread of the deadly virus and life there had started returning to normal. SetWatch video01: 56 South Korea braces ss second wave of COVID-19 pandemic In response, South Korean Prime Minister Moon Jae-in urged people to remain calm and cautious. 'The infection cluster, which recently occurred in entertainment facilities, has raised awareness that even during the stabilization phase, similar situations can arise again, anytime, anywhere in an enclosed, crowded space, '' Moon In other news: Coronavirus in Italy: Kuwait to send evacuation jet, UAE issues travel advisory Tuqa Khalid, Al Arabiya EnglishThursday 27 February 2020 Text Kuwait airways will send a plane to Milan, Italy to evacuate its citizens on Thursday, while the United Arab Emirates' embassy in Rome advised its citizens to postpone travel to Italy and for those already in the country to avoid infected areas. " Kuwait Airways announces that… in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior and the General Administration of Civil Aviation, it will operate one special flight to the city of Milan in Italy to evacuate Kuwaiti citizens, " the airline said on its twitter account on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the UAE advised its citizens to postpone any travel plans to Italy and for those already in the European country to avoid infected areas and to follow the Italian authorities' instructions, according to a tweet by the UAE's embassy in Rome.. Read more: New coronavirus cases in Kuwait associated with Iran travel bring total to 25 UAE fully prepared to face coronavirus: Official Kuwait Health Ministry reported seven new coronavirus cases on Wednesday, bringing the total in the country to 25, according to a statement. Many of those infected in the country were travelers from Iran. Passengers who arrived from Iran were moved to and quarantined in hotels.
Sylvia Frances Chan 02 May 2021

Clearly conveyed and composed this enormous large text. But well worth to be reading and being informed.5 Stars! To my Favourites. Thank you dear Zaynab!

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A very perceptive poem so well expressed and presented.Informative too. Brilliantly penned..

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M Asim Nehal 12 May 2021

Yes, I am surrounded by the national, state and local forest areas...and often venture whenever I get spare time, yes my heart bleeds when I see the pathetic condition in which these animal survives. Our greed for land, roads and infrastructure is slowly destroying their natural habitat.

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Kostas Lagos 04 May 2021

It's like coronavirus is a plan of God to bring a little balance in the world with a twist of irony...Well written

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M.J. Lemon 04 May 2021

A great verse, and a sound reminder that all tings do revert...It is time for nature to once again awaken.

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Evelyn Judy Buehler 03 May 2021

A powerful and eloquent poem, that is a wake up call to those who have taken our beautiful, natural world for granted.5 stars.

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LeeAnn Azzopardi 03 May 2021

Yes, Yes, The animal kingdom is having its reverge

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