A Religion That Rhymes With Time Poem by s.zaynab kamoonpury

A Religion That Rhymes With Time

Rating: 5.0

In Dr. Seussian style for fun.)
a poem i wrote a long time ago that i submitted it for a contest on Islam by Brittany Gibbons, and won a silver trophy for it.)

There's a zest in my chest
There's a zing in my wing
That East or west
Islam's been the latest best.
There's a hope in our scope
There's a cry, there's no lie
You just grope for its rope
that'll alter your horoscope
There's a charm, bereft of harm
There's a code to that road
There's a calm in Islam
if you strode for its mode.
In it a great solution for soul 'n' mind pollution
In it a remedy for all malady
Just play your part and joy'll kickstart
It could steady even the higgledy piggledy!
A religion with an unaltered, unadulterated word of God
Mankind's wellwisher with golden rules to nod
For life's wounds the balm is Islam
To wordly powers don't give a damn
Yeah mister and ma'am, discover Islam
In God's eyes you'll make a name!
This one true God of Islam
has the universe in His palm
Leaves you no room for any qualms
Glorify God with Islamic psalms
A muslim convert may sing like this<img src='/s/images/smile/happy.gif'>
This religion it rhymes with time
It's time to regret wasting my prime
It's never too late for a fresh start
I wash my hands off old grime and slime
Now my heart shall sing in zing
my soul's got the convert's new wing
To none shall I bowlow, kowtow
except for God the king of kings!

A Religion That Rhymes With Time
Akhtar Jawad 05 May 2015

It's a lovely poem, rightly awarded a silver medal.................10

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Afrooz Jafarinoor 05 May 2015

How nice and rhythmic! Glad to know you lady!

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Amitava Sur 05 May 2015

A spirited write with a clear mind free from any bias

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Abdulrazak Aralimatti 05 May 2015

Has conveyed the meaning of Islam. Loved reading it.

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Soul Watcher 06 May 2015

Nice poem, thank you for sharing it with us.

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M Asim Nehal 12 May 2021

A peaceful religion which teaches love and peace only. Allah Hu Akbar...He knows the unknown and there is none like HIM.

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Mahtab Bangalee 05 August 2019

This one true God of Islam has the universe in His palm Leaves you no room for any qualms Glorify God with Islamic psalms........./// these lines are wondering me; beautiful poem

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Chinedu Dike 17 January 2017

A message of peace and total submission to the will of God, written with spiritual insight. A lovely piece indeed. Thanks for sharing.

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Maria Gonzalez 25 November 2015

Cleverly expressed. Thank you.

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Muhammad Ali 12 September 2015

Nice poem. I am recalling surah Fatiha. Jb qyamat ka din ho, mjh jesy logon ka shumar b muslmano me ho jae....

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s.zaynab kamoonpury

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