A True Story Of Love Poem by Pirate Love Magic Man

A True Story Of Love

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Two years ago, I met a young girl who's mom was in and out of her life
Then her father and uncle died a few mounths apart, So her mom was
forced back into her life.They came to my hometown, to visit my cusin
for she and the young girl's mom was childhood friends.We met when
they all came to my place, me and the young girl fell in love.It was a doomed love for she was only 15 and I was 36. We was only together
a few mounths, then I got her pregnent.We got along at first then
we started fighting.we moved back to her hometown to be with her
family, while she was pregnent, and I got a job there.She had our child,
she was so very wonderful, and did a good job haveing our son.I owe
her tremendessly! I thought we might not fight any more.But we did
and things got out of hand.I took off with our son to my hometown,
she stayed with her grand parents.We talked every night, and agreed
to work things out.Her mom brought her back down to stay with me.
Then we got into a fight agian.The cops was called, they locked me up,
took her to the hospital.Even thow I did'nt hurt her.Then they called
her mom to come get her and our son.Her mom could'nt come get her,
so they placed her and our son in foster care.She did'nt act right in
the foster home, so they split her and our son up.Now shes in a group
home and our son is still in foster care.I hear she is going to be placed in an apartment in my hometown when she turns 18, in a mounth
from now. But I can't return to my hometown because social services
has brought up charges on me, for contributeing to a minnor, because
we had a court order to not talk to each other.But we wrote to each other any way.The leters where confenscated by her worker. Now I'm
loseing out on a love!

Livi Topley 09 August 2008

Gosh. This reads like a dairy entry. You do a great job at making the reader feel like they are actually there with you as you take them back to the past and meet these people and feel these things. It's a gripping thing to read. Great job!

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 09 August 2008

hey pal, i'm very sorry to hear this but God's will, i'll pray for your reunion with your beloved family.all the best to you dude.

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Johnnetta Bridges 10 August 2008

Be strong and hold on things will work out for you in the end May god bless you and your family ~Johnnetta~

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Serenity Prayer 10 August 2008

im very sorry. very sad story. but ill pray for you.

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Blue Eyes 22 August 2008

oh...my heart is with u.i wish i could give u a hug but u r a guy so... i am sorry u had to go through all of this but life is a bit...

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Rachel Butler 21 September 2009

But we wrote to each other any way.The leters where confenscated by her worker. Rachel Ann Butler

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Abu Masud 08 March 2009

Love is heavenly, Nothing could be found to express about it, Like-I love you

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Miriam Maia Padua 01 December 2008

what? ? ? ? so sad......story like a very beautiful dream turned into a nightmare....hope it wont really a sad ending...who knows? This story squeezed my heart...oh my God..i guess its so painful experiencing this kind of love but be positive..God will make a way....thanks for sharing....

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Anjali Sinha 22 November 2008

awh such a sad story of love love so beautiful at first then turned sour poorrrr dear Pirate Love nice true story regards anjali

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DELETED NOW 22 August 2008

I've been crying all day and now reading this made what I was crying for pointless to cry over.....but I remember u telling me this story do u remember?

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