Acrostic Poetry: Months Of The Year! Poem by Shahzia Batool

Acrostic Poetry: Months Of The Year!

Rating: 4.7


Jamming, freezing, cold month
After fine December days
North winds signal winter here
Union of the fruit and fog
Apple, Orange, Guava rule
Rest eludes, days are short
Yummy food is boiled egg yolk!


Fresh air of the shortest month
Eastward look gives nice sunshine
Best of colors girls wear
Rustics sing idyllic rimes
Up and down the birds enjoy
At the weather's pleasant drives
Rest is followed after the work
Year is in its infancy!


Moderate nature weather-wise
After marking the winter's end
Rural sites glow heavenly
Creepers load with saps and buds
Happy hearts welcome Spring!


April showers of ancient times
Peer again with beauties new
Rivers flow at even pace
Inviting scenes spread everywhere
Love is in the air for all!


Month of mangoes' subtle taste
After eager wait for months
Yummy delight is here again!


Jasmine and the queen of night
Ultra-violet rays avoid
No more roses bloom now
End of Spring and peak of Summers


Jesting, playing, laughing ends
Unrest due to hottest days
Long days and short nights
You are known for temper hot!


Active, lavish, fast downpours
Undue tolls we have to pay
Grim and strong rains turn to flood
Underwater snakes play
So many enjoy the rains
The month of having fried food!


Summers' end begins from here
Even then it drags till the end
People long for joining the work
They wish for life renewed at best
Extra work takes extra time
Mornings till the late at night
Bless the time with honesty,
Energy, vitality
Rest of the three months are but left!


Oven-baked crackers' time
Cups of tea and fine sun glow
The month of pleasant luxuries
Off and on enjoy but all
Big ones and some very small
East and west all celebrate
Refresh this October's nice days!


New dreams carry some new hopes
On the chariot of November
Vocals of the cuckoo bird
End the worries of the hearts
Many joys spring up afresh
Best of all is season's joy
Exams linger over the heads
Rule of studies is not to forget!


Dearest month of Jesus' birth
Excess of some added mirth
Curds and creams adorn the tables
Embers flying from bon fires
Mystery carrying in their glow
Best of all I love this month
Ever fine and pleasant time
Remember, I was born on 1st!

© Shahzia Naqvi


The credit goes to Mr.Paul Adrian Fried
Writer, Editor, Teacher
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Higher Education... the idea of writing this piece was conceived after reading Paul's Acrostic verse on the months of the year! I am obliged for the idea and your guidance! Thanks a lot!
Dinesan Madathil 11 June 2014

It is absolute compromise with seasons for some.. It is otherwise a matter of being guided by optimism... I wish if we had 13 or more number of months, Shahzia.

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Valsa George 11 June 2014

Beautiful Acrostic on the months of the year! ..... You have squeezed in the beauty and essence of the 365 days of the year....and made a delicious drink.! This delectable beverage is served handy in goblets for everyone to savour.... There are of course some difference in climatic conditions.... In Kerala, July is no more a hot month, it is the peak time of monsoon showers! A good job, Shahzia! Kudos.....

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Tribhawan Kaul 14 June 2014

You have brought out every month's charm (as it appears in your country) excellently. Enjoyed reading it.

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 14 June 2014

You have covered all the months and what they represent. Love is in the air for all in April. Every month has its own uniqueness to savor. Beautiful poem. This acrostic verse of time is nice and you have acknowledged another poet's idea. Thank you.

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Kanav Justa 15 June 2014

, , , wonderful digest of all the months that we have, , , , july might have got offended though in this write, , , : P

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Mahvish Omer 25 January 2018

Very good writing it was amazing written

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M Asim Nehal 15 November 2015

Nicely written poem.....Liked it.

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From the fresh air of February to the mangoes of May. Well done my friend!

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Unwritten Soul 05 July 2014

12 months delivered hiddenly contain seasons influenced by the sun_Soul

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Neela Nath Das 03 July 2014

A wee-constructed lovely poem. Each and every season has its own beauty and importance in our life.This poem is fabricated finely.10+++++

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