Adlestop Poem by Sanjib Das


Rating: 5.0

The train stopped suddenly in a halt,
Later I came to know it's a mechanical fault,
I got down from the train with curiosity,
My mind was full of gaity;
The platform was empty,
Here and there full of natural beauty,
I asked a hawker what's the name of the station,
My mind was full of tension;
If the train started without me suddenly,
I went back my seat hurriedly,
The hawker replied the name Adlestop,
The Express train doesn't give any stop.

I got the chance to relish natural beauty,
My rejuvenated mind became mighty,
I wrote a lot of poems carefully,
My mind had been filled fully,
The platform gave me a nostalgic drag with sadness,
I remembered my parents had been remaining with

The train started with slow pace,
I did nothing only guess,
In my mind I visualised my father watered the plant,
After a while my mind became blunt,
I asked myself what happened,
Only I felt Adlestop became my friend.

I left Adlestop- the halt station,
I felt, in my mind, a kind of sad sensations,
May be I will never go to Adlestop,
Certainly for a short time it makes my life a fullstop.

Anjali Sinha 03 October 2009

wowwwwwwww Sanjib, Your an excellent writer and this poem of yours shows your great ability as a powerful writer. I wish I could write like you surely a tenner from meeeeeeeee anjuuuuuu

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Spiritwind Wood 02 October 2009

nice work-you're very creative-love the poem

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Surya . 02 October 2009

an amazing and crreative poem. voted10 surya

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Sandra Fowler 02 October 2009

Very nostalgic. Strength for your creative journey, my friend. You were in good poetic voice in this one. Kind wishes, Sandra

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Aparna Sinha 02 October 2009

narrative! It happens to every one..... Oh I wish I can compose a poem in appriciation to this poem, but...Alas! I cannot write as good as you (do) thank you for sharing..I liked it a lot

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Blue Eyes 30 October 2009

i loved this poem, keep the good work.

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Marvin Brato 09 October 2009

Sense of nostalgia amidst the trip nothing more serene just this subtle moment in your own world best showed

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Sai Saketh 03 October 2009

What a nice piece of work... beautiful...... i have no words to say, , , , , , very nice

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Chitra - 03 October 2009

nostalgic, , emotive in tone..a remarkable, transfromational journey! !

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Quin Faas 03 October 2009

well written- : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

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