/// Da Vince Riddle /// Poem by ahmed khaled

/// Da Vince Riddle ///

Rating: 4.5

words chase me
i escape to paper
paper travels again
to the sun field
the ink is the colour
the sky has many dots
the pink
the crimson
are two dots
lines are two cezanne
and one matisse
rembrandt's the light
van gogh is the green in it
the sky rains souls
a cracked vase
sad poets
homer smokes a dream cigar
aristotle writes
and sings no end
socrates saves himself
plato's plato
a stoic logic
3 syllogisms
the wisemen know
sadness, happiness
grammar's again
spelling, saying
60 years
memories, birds
jesus christ
the old age
the new
golden light temples
sunset, pyramids
the greek
books, libraries
many books as well
2 doves
lines appear
words chase
words chase where i
7 medieval
renaissance 6
words, words
worlds, .
's me es.
i escape again
and me es.
and again
to paper.

Brian Purdy 12 January 2012

'words/worlds', yes, indeed. Ahmed, for me, this piece is a 'stream of consciousness' text and a fine ride to the reader is provided. As for riddles, I'm not much for them. I do notice, however, that you include eye-blink-swift references to much more modern icons and images than are covered by 'renaissance/medieval' tags, no? Anyhow, you made me smile again. - B.E.P.

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Unwritten Soul 01 October 2011

Sweet talk must be from heart if just heartless write it will be meaningless...Think it deep and Plato will agree with me if he still alive_Unwritten Soul

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Stefanie Fontker 29 September 2011

Lovely writing, this is very abstract and beautiful. Keep at it.

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Unwritten Soul 29 September 2011

Amit Ray must be smile read this, his name just everywhere in your poem :) and the collision of ideas and philosophy also find in many spots.. with great thinking is you so i cant say/write nothing more than...Once again i have to say thanks for inviting and sharing.., very nice write one but i am not belong to this poem, keep it up_Unwritten Soul

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Crimson Love 29 September 2011

Wonderful poem.....Very well written my friend :)

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Thando Mashinini 26 January 2012

ahmed, wonderful........i am speechless!

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Lawrence H 12 January 2012

unsolvable Da Vince riddle..I don't know what the poem meant to me? ? so I can not solve the riddle as it is too complicated and difficult? ? ? Please compose the poem in more structure and leave spaces or split them into paragraphs for easy reading..? ? ?

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Deep Mukherjee 12 January 2012

Unbelievable! ! ! ! ! words can kill! ! ! ! i am just not good enough to judge your poem! ! ! !

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Jonny Brackney 12 January 2012

good poem. indeed lines do appear. as deep thinkers and poets we are stuck between them. i ask all poets to read my poem Between The Lines it was written for you.

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Claudia Krizay 12 January 2012

An absolutely beautiful, brilliant poem! ! !

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