Alternative Voicing: Charge Of The Lightweight Brigade Poem by Professor Poetry Hound

Alternative Voicing: Charge Of The Lightweight Brigade

Rating: 3.7

And so, in conclusion, from the aforementioned,
it can be ascertained that the Light Brigade - which
the reader will discern was the moniker applied to a cavalry
unit of courageous soldiers - was attacked on both sides
by their adversarial enemy as they rode their horses
in a downhill fashion into a valley. The poet calls it the
“Valley of Death” but that is highly unlikely to be the
actual name of the valley. We can infer from the
utilization of the valley’s title in this manner that the
poet was in actual fact using the phrase metaphorically
in order to indicate to the reader that members of the
cavalry unit were being shot and killed by the
enemy in that particular location. This is in contrast to
Twain’s metaphorical river that Huck and Jim go
down but are not shot at.

Will Barber 11 November 2006

Got my ten, as well. Thanks for the much-needed larf. Oh, and the horror.

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Anna Russell 10 September 2006

Surely this is not my dear Prof having a dig a someone? Oh, it is? That'll be why it's so funny then. Hugs Anna xxx PS Don't know what idiot has given this a low score - I've voted it a well earned 10, if that helps any.

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Bob Genevro 08 September 2006

Hound: I enjoyed the poem because I can relate as a student trying to bullship and chatter and not say much. And I can relate as a college instructor. The BS I get is high enough to publish a quote book from student papers. I like gorgeous words (moniker) . The surprise of the last Huck Finn sentence worked well. It's a total off-the-wall conclusion sent from oblivion.

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Michael Shepherd 28 August 2006

Gosh my class was told there was a signpost in Crimean saying, to the 'Valley of Death' but they rode past too fast or to show off...

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Scarlett Treat 28 August 2006

Oh, yes! My daughter, the schoolteacher, grades papers like this EVERY SINGLE DAY of the school year! Unreal!

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