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Alternative Voicing: Catcher In The Daffodils

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If you really want to hear about it,
the first thing you’ll probably want to know

is what I was doing standing there like an idiot
staring at a bunch of god damned daffodils and

why I was bothering to write a poem about them and
all that William Wordsworth kind of crap.

But I don’t feel like going into it right now
if you really want to the know the truth.

All I can say is the flowers were golden,
And maybe some wind was blowing on them,

and I called them a “host” but I don’t know how
the hell I came up with that image.

Rusty Daily 12 August 2006

Catcher in the Rye? Fields of Gold? I could only guess how profound this poem might be.

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Alice Vedral Rivera 12 August 2006

I knew you could do it! avr

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Dee Daffodil 12 August 2006

Dear Prof....Yes indeed...what the heck were you doing writing about a bunch of 'bleep' daffodils in the first place? ? ? Cute poem Hugs, Dee

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Michael Shepherd 12 August 2006

A rye poem if a touch narcissistic...

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Debora Short 12 August 2006

Dear Prof. Poetry Hound, Subtle gifts of beauty do touch base with our communion with our God especially when that veil is thick... Amazingly and with great thanks, those gifts of light appear when our hearts' most unintelligible shadows predominate over our entire being: -) Blessings to you and for your dear family ~ Debora

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Janri Gogeshvili 26 April 2008

Poetic 'dexterity' and wit … is felt beat pleasantly to read …

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Will Barber 11 November 2006

Thank goodness you didn't see Tintern Abbey. Bunch of rocks, etc.! ! ! Loved this poem.

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Ruby Root 23 August 2006

Maybe you like flowers. (ha ha) just teasing. Nice poem. Take care.

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Sid John Gardner. 22 August 2006

I dont know why I like this but it made me Guffaw! ! ! ! ! ! .Anyone who has been to Ambleside Youth Hostel and consumed a few strong ales has woken up in a field very early in the morning to that experience. All the best. Sid John.

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Joseph Daly 12 August 2006

I like the casual manner of this piece Prof. You set up a good framework for it and the form seems to contradict the content. Somehow this doesn't feel as if it has 'AUTBIOGRAPHY' written on it. The title is a great pun.

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