Are You Judging Me?

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I was thinking that Judgment Day might not be
the big phantasmagoric Hollywood laser show
kind of deal that some people think it will be.
It might actually be a fairly low-key affair. And it
might already be happening even as we speak.
I mean, maybe God interprets the “Day” in
Judgment Day very loosely. It’s like when you
say Christ is coming “soon, ” you’re kind of
fuzzy about when “soon” is. So maybe we’re in
the midst of an ongoing Judgment Day, or
maybe we should call it Judgment Year or
Judgment Decade. That means Jesus is among
us now. So how exactly is he going about the
selection process for 6 billion of us? He has to
have a means of reaching lots of people at once,
like maybe he could go on TV. Maybe he’ll
have one of those wacky reality courtroom
shows, where people toss out pathetic excuses
and forget to bring documentation. He could
even dress up like a girl and call the show
“Judgment Judy.”

kskdnj sajn 19 April 2006

'Judgment Judy'..hehe.. I would skip a community meeting any day to stay home and watch that reality show... although... might be judged for it. A clever poem, and quite funny.. I hope that is ok..a sense of humor..eeesh.

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Scarlett Treat 19 April 2006

The bible teaches that the things we do are being entered in the BOOK OF LIFE, and that we will be judged by the things we do, so there is the what is right and there will be no problems, cause He will say, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant.'

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Michael Shepherd 19 April 2006

Hindus would say that the justice is that things are exactly as they are.

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Mary Nagy 19 April 2006

You have a strange mind, that's for sure! I think he's judging us daily...with each thing we do. But, I like the thought of being able to defend ourselves and dispute the bad things...I might need that option. This was very entertaining! Sincerely, mary

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Susan Williams 09 September 2020

And it might already be happening even as we speak. - -> interesting thought to write down so blithely

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Will Barber 04 July 2006

A profound, well-reasoned theological statement. Perhaps Jesus Winfrey would reach a wider audience, appealing even to waiters in Gaudalajara.

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good argument by u, but do u really believe in doomsday?

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Anna Russell 26 April 2006

Love the Judgement Judy idea. if he's here already, he's probably seen enough and just hidden out in a cinema somewhere, watching Jimmy Stewart and crying for us. Hugs Anna xxx

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Phillip Sawatzky 23 April 2006

How many times have I heard reverent born-again Christians cite the coming of Jesus as being soon-they are so fervent and sure. My own take is far different, that Christ has come again, already, and we all missed it. But I like the Judge Judy vignette-Judge Jesus, transvestite judge and jury-I see Oscar ahead for the clever scriptwriter. Good laugh, all the while. Phillip

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