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Gangster Movies In Heaven

Rating: 3.6

Someone told me that when we go to heaven,
it will be full of Hollywood gangster movies and
we’ll have to select which one we want to live
in forever. I assume you’ll choose The
Godfather. That’s the obvious choice, but I
think I would have to pick Key Largo. I would
never get tired of hearing Edward G. Robinson
say, “Thousands of guys got guns, but there’s
only one Johnny Rocko! ” And I would play
Humphrey Bogart and I would get to say,
“I used to have hopes, but I gave them up.”
And Robinson would ask, “What kind of hopes? ”
And then I’d get to snarl, “Hopes for a world
where there’s no Johnny Rocko! ” Hot damn!
Can you think of a better way to spend eternity?
Sure beats lying around on clouds with that
infernal harp music blaring in your ears.

Joseph Daly 07 April 2006

Very good prof and such excellent taste. Now, Uriah, the outstanding British Ealing film, The Lavender Hill Mob, does have a quick glimpse of Miss Hepburn at the begining, if memory serves

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Uriah Hamilton 07 April 2006

Are there any gangster movies starring Audrey Hepburn? If so, count me in!

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Danny Reynolds 07 April 2006

The gangsters must be in Heaven. Down in Hell, you can't get near the fire for all the Bishops in the way! Danny

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Jay Press 24 December 2006

Great poem, id probally choose Goodfellas, best and most accurate Gangster movie ever made.

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Anna Russell 12 April 2006

Donnie Brasco. All eternity with Johnny Depp, Al Pacino and Michael Madsen? Now THAT is my idea of heaven. Hugs Anna xxx PS Audrey Hepburn's welcome too Uriah - as long as she lets me borrow her clothes.

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Chuck Audette 11 April 2006

Johnny Dangerously. Classic spoof. I guess your heaven would be black and white or did Ted Turner colorize it? -chuck

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Mike Finley 10 April 2006

My stepfather, when he was dying of a brain tumor, told me he dreamed every night that a black limosuine carrying George Raft and Al Capone would pick them up and they would drive in silence through the farm towns of his area. My stepfather did some things he was kind of ashamed of, having affairs and chasing young girls around in Florida. But he was so emotionally obtuse, he could never bring himself to talk about it. But these rides in the Ohio countryside brought him peace. In the end he said, 'You know, Al Capone's not such a bad guy as everybody says.' Dick was finding a way to forgive himself, as death drew nearer.

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Rusty Daily 07 April 2006

fugidaboudit Prof. Not going to line up and kiss the Godfather's ring for the rest of eternity or the dead Popes. Most religeons nowadays definitely make us an offer that we should refuse. But if I had to choose a gangster movie I would pick one with Cagney.

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