Alternative Voicing: The Cat In The Hat Has A Go With Poe Poem by Professor Poetry Hound

Alternative Voicing: The Cat In The Hat Has A Go With Poe

Rating: 5.0

I sat there with Sally, we sat there, we two
And we could not think of a darn thing to do,

There was nothing to do, also nowhere to go.
So I looked on the shelf, found a volume by Poe.

I opened the book and “The Raven” was there,
I called Sally over, she sat in a chair.

Sally likes birds so she was elated,
But I thought Poe’s poem was way overrated.

The set up was long and the language was dense,
This wasn’t like “Hop Frog, ” which is so intense.

The raven showed up but boy, what a bore.
All he could do was to say “Nevermore.”

Then our old friend the Cat arrived on the run.
“Oh what a relief! ” we both said, “Let’s have fun! ”

The Cat saw our book and then winced as he spoke.
He put both his hands to his neck like a choke.

The Cat in the Hat said, “Let’s have a big bash!
But first all the literature goes in the trash! ”

“Reading a book makes the action too slow!
Forget all this Edgar and Allan and Poe! ”

Then a man with a net sprang right into the room.
He snared the Cat quickly, slammed the cage with a boom.

This man from the Pound said goodbye at the door.
When I asked, “Where’s the Cat? ” he just said, “Nevermore.”

Kelly Allen Vinal 28 August 2006

Every line enjoyable, every phrase precious. Has to be good if it references Poe!

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Michael Shepherd 28 August 2006

A great Poe-try, Hound! Brilliant.

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Joseph Daly 28 August 2006

I thought that The Simpson's episode of the Ravan was the last word in literature. How wrong. This is excellent prof. You seem to be having a sideswipe at the infantile drivle that some would pass for literature these days. Wether meant or not, hat is what this piece succeds in doing.

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Emma Johnson 28 August 2006

A BRILLIANT web of WIT. Susie.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 28 August 2006

Clever, Inventive Work, PH...As one who has been generously influenced by Poe, I can very much appreciate this charcterized /satirical spin....Fine Penning Hound '''''''''''fjr

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Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler 21 February 2007

was that the man from the Ezra Pound? this silly poem brought a smile to my face. true, Poe was a much better storyteller than a poet. great stuff. Jake

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kskdnj sajn 01 September 2006

Poe-haps they learned their lesson then. :) A very creative read.

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Chuck Audette 29 August 2006

A great show of the Hound chasing the Cat chasing the bird. Fun one! Way to go! - chuck

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Or.. the Cat in the Hat has a go with the Pro, and guess who won..... loved this, and echo the sentiment. t x

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Debora Short 28 August 2006

'Cattus Petasatus'...WOW! Neat pen! ! ~ Debora

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